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Universal – Jun 22 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Arrivederci!” CIAO
“Do not recommend” rating ONESTAR
“Good and Mad” author Traister REBECCA
“Let that go!” DROPIT
“Love it!” SOGOOD
“Ugh, that’s terrible” IHATEIT
Acronym meaning “Don’t delay” ASAP
Activist Kaepernick COLIN
Asian language in which “sabaidi” means hello LAO
Backsplash piece TILE
Barbecue morsel RIB
Bit of bakeware PAN
Black Panther’s alter ego TCHALLA
Bread served with biryani NAAN
British guy CHAP
Cable car TRAM
Chill (out) VEG
Chrysalis PUPA
Chuckle sound HEH
Common 2D surface (… first 2) XYPLANE
Costume Institute Benefit, familiarly (Last 4 letters + …) METGALA
Dr.’s 3D scan MRI
Eastern neighbor of Chad SUDAN
Esquire’s org ABA
Establishment with no windows or clocks, often CASINO
Fermented soy paste MISO
Five times 17-Across TEN
Fuel that’s pumped GAS
Furry family member, maybe PET
Gasteyer of “American Auto” ANA
Geological time period EON
Green onions SCALLIONS
Hawaiian goose NENE
Hexagonal cereal (Last 3 letters + …) CRISPIX
Inclined walkway RAMP
Insta photos PIX
It’s a sign! OMEN
Letters in love letters XSANDOS
Linen color ECRU
Merlot or pinot noir REDWINE
Nickname of a Cretan artist (… first 2) ELGRECO
Nightmare for a celeb’s agent BADPR
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
On the subject of ASTO
Once again ANEW
Org. tracking antisemitism ADL
Paper size: Abbr LTR
Pedal a bike CYCLE
Pumpkin seed PEPITA
Put on blast? CRANKUP
Roused from sleep WOKEN
Scottish isle or terrier type SKYE
Second Monopoly avenue BALTIC
See 29-Across TWO
See 56-Across DIVISION
Sling, for David WEAPON
Sneaker with a swoosh NIKE
Snip CUT
Successful Hail Mary from a QB TDPASS
Sweet melon (… the first 4 of this one) HONEYDEW
Threesome TRIAD
Trapeze artist, for one ACROBAT
Typo catcher EDITOR
Unappealing meal SLOP
What melting icicles do (Note the last 2 letters of this answer + …) DRIP
With 58-Across, mitosis … or what each set of indicated letters depicts? CELL
Word after “paper” or “video” CLIP
Wrinkly dog breed PUG
___ Luther King, Jr. Memorial MARTIN
___ Perignon DOM
___’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles ROSCOE


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