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New York Times – Nov 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Now!’ STAT
‘There’s something we need to discuss’ LETSTALK
‘___ be all right’ ITLL
*#5 on Billboard’s Best Rappers of All Time list NAMES
*Call again, on a rotary phone REMEDIAL
*Courier and Papyrus, for two FOMENTS
*Cut of pork LOMEIN
*Flax fabric LINEMEN
*Grammy-winning Jones MENORAH
*Important closing document DEEMED
*Lead-in to a texter’s perspective IMHOME
*One parked at a park, in brief MERV
*Promo MEAD
*Spike ___ MELEE
*They may be split or bitter EMENDS
Actress Kirke of ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ LOLA
Anxiety about not being included, in modern lingo FOMO
Aquatic protection MOAT
Award that sounds like two letters of the alphabet EMMY
Body parts rested at the optometrist’s CHINS
Cameron in Hollywood CROWE
College founded by Henry VI ETON
College ___ DORM
Combo’s rhythm section, maybe TRIO
Coming along behind INTOW
Couple ITEM
Energy VIM
Facility formerly known as Orchard Field OHARE
French-developed form of cooking in a precisely temperature-controlled water bath SOUSVIDE
Future yearling FOAL
Goaded, with ‘on’ EGGED
Greeting in Granada HOLA
High-def flat screen LCDTV
Hindu goddess of power KALI
Homophone of 6-Down KNEED
Hovers LOOMS
In play FAIR
Like a monkey SIMIAN
Lowest part of a glacier TOE
Magnetite and malachite ORES
Martial arts tier DAN
Member of a noted septet ENVY
Mount that inspired the song ‘Funiculì, Funiculà’ VESUVIUS
Musical partner of Lerner LOEWE
N.Y.C. cultural institution MOMA
Natural theology DEISM
Nettles IRKS
Notability EMINENCE
One of about 3.5 in a league MILE
One-eyed Norse god ODIN
Oprah, for one ICON
Peeved SORE
Phaser setting STUN
Press and fold KNEAD
Proboscis SNOUT
Put out DOUSED
Raise the ___ ROOF
Saison après le printemps ETE
See 45-Down OUTOFIT
Serving that might have a ‘solid heart’ or ‘simple tulip’ design LATTE
Shade TINT
Shape MOLD
Small building block ATOM
Some iPads MINIS
Something fishy, maybe ODOR
Southern quencher SWEETTEA
Start to trust? ANTI
Starters ATEAM
Suffix in the names of seven U.N. members STAN
There are two in the Greek ‘Mnemosyne’ MUS
They may be dug in HEELS
Things at camp that can be camp SKITS
Unfresh air SMOG
Uru. neighbor ARG
With 42-Down, ‘I don’t want anything to do with this!’ … or a hint to the answers to the starred clues LEAVEME
Years ago ONCE
___ da Estrela (Portuguese mountain range) SERRA

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