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Universal – Nov 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Best in Show” org AKC
“Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool / And all shootin’ some ___ outside of the school” BBALL
“Crimp together along the ___” (empanada recipe step) SEAM
“Dear ___ Hansen” EVAN
“Fighting” Big Ten team ILLINI
“Let the show begin,” and a hint to making sense of the starred clues’ answers TAKEITAWAY
“The Baby-Sitters Club” creator ___ M. Martin ANN
“You are not” retort IAMSO
*Cause to happen BRINGITON
*End a relationship BREAKITUP
*Informal social gathering GETITTOGETHER
Actor Guinness ALEC
Actress Edebiri of “The Bear” AYO
Airport area GATE
Alex Trebek’s birth country CANADA
Alicia Keys’ record label RCA
Approx. fig EST
Bird in hieroglyphs IBIS
Bogey, compared to par ONEOVER
Casual top TEE
Catan resource ORE
Ceiling CAP
Certain sib BRO
CFO’s degree, often MBA
Cloth scrap RAG
Commercial costs ADFEES
Deeply affect IMPACT
Disapproving sound TSK
Dole (out) METE
Dollar stores? SAFES
Drink from a drive-through, often SODA
E-commerce icon CART
Early internet app with a buddy list AIM
Election Day sticker IVOTED
Gown material SATIN
Great Basin natives UTES
H-shaped Greek letters ETAS
Indian flour ATTA
Jazzy singer James ETTA
Jogged RAN
Julia who said “I was 32 when I started cooking: up until then, I just ate” CHILD
Like many Peruvian ruins INCAN
Mature AGE
Movers’ rental VAN
Music genre that might get you right in the feels EMO
Nearly gone pencil NUB
Nebraska city OMAHA
Nordic capital OSLO
Norse trickster god LOKI
Operatic solo ARIA
Optional trial phase after the defense rests REBUTTAL
Palace ___ (prestige TV fodder) INTRIGUE
Play a flute TOOTLE
Pub order ALE
Radio host Glass IRA
Responsibility ONUS
Ride out a storm, with “down” HUNKER
Riyadh resident SAUDI
Romance WOO
Run off together ELOPE
Shady group in the National Mall ELMTREES
Ski equipment POLES
Snitch NARC
Starbucks size after Venti TRENTA
Subdues TAMES
The Dark Knight’s weapon BATARANG
Tirade RANT
Top-left keyboard key ESC
Turn down an offer SAYNO
Unadventurous STAID
Vegas machines SLOTS
Way to go? TRAIL
Well-put APT
Wood finish STAIN
___ of March IDES

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