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Newsday Crossword November 12 2022 Answers

Newsday Crossword November 12 2022 Answers

One making long-distance calls 10 Letters SPACECRAFT
Swiss partner 3 Letters HAM
Large racket 10 Letters HULLABALOO
Twenty-seven connection 4 Letters FOUR
What ranch houses typically haven’t 10 Letters UPPERSTORY
Heads up 4 Letters RUNS
Sounding stuffy 5 Letters NASAL
Pushing the most 7 Letters EDGIEST
Città che circonda il Vaticano 4 Letters ROMA
Coherence 5 Letters SENSE
Prime minister after Brian 3 Letters KIM
Agricultural block 4 Letters BALE
Gung-ho 6 Letters RAHRAH
Group taking in imports 9 Letters ANIMECLUB
Mystic’s reading material 4 Letters AURA
Time best forgotten 15 Letters ANNUSHORRIBILIS
Writing on jackets 4 Letters BIOS
Paused 9 Letters TOOKAREST
Of the above 6 Letters AERIAL
Quick sketch 4 Letters SKIT
Go with 3 Letters SEE
What bassoon music begins with 5 Letters FCLEF
Mozzarella alternative for lasagna 4 Letters EDAM
They’re assumed by many novelists 7 Letters ALIASES
What a seminarian may become 5 Letters RABBI
Publisher of two Water Polo newsletters 4 Letters NCAA
National litter cleanup program 10 Letters ADOPTAROAD
Nothing exciting 4 Letters YAWN
Largest break in the California Coastal Range 10 Letters GOLDENGATE
What can precede giving or taking 3 Letters MIS
Requiring conserving 10 Letters ENDANGERED
Go around 4 Letters SHUN
One no longer crawling 4 Letters PUPA
Where the Rhine rises 4 Letters ALPS
Reset 5 Letters CLEAR
Some external adipose tissue 8 Letters EARLOBES
It began as United Independent Broadcasters (1927) 3 Letters CBS
Dock denizen 3 Letters RAT
Yucca cousin 4 Letters ALOE
Wades through 5 Letters FORDS
Type of tabby 6 Letters TOYGER
Play adaptations 10 Letters HOUSERULES
Familial female 4 Letters AUNT
Clue card designation 3 Letters MRS
What you might take a walk to get 8 Letters FRESHAIR
__ minute 3 Letters INA
Eminent shock-wave studier 4 Letters MACH
Appropriate 5 Letters ALLOT
Hajji’s destination 5 Letters KAABA
Depression on a trunk 5 Letters INNIE
Chips or scratches 10 Letters MINORFLAWS
You can buy them for about a buck 5 Letters EUROS
Stop lying 5 Letters ARISE
Precipitation 5 Letters HASTE
Person paid to play 8 Letters MUSICIAN
Shared first 5 Letters BROKE
Disclaiming postscript 4 Letters IKID
Clooney threw it in a ’97 film 8 Letters BATARANG
Culinary go-between 3 Letters ALA
French writer of ”Facts are stubborn things” 6 Letters LESAGE
Consumed 5 Letters FEDON
Alternative to Peggy 5 Letters MARGE
Three-syllable fruit 4 Letters ACAI
Totally in 4 Letters SOLD
Male mink 4 Letters BOAR
Restrain 4 Letters BATE
Picked out 4 Letters IDED
Division sharer with ATL and PHI 3 Letters NYM
Cell ancestor 3 Letters PDA
Top __ 3 Letters TEN


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