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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 12 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 12 2022 Answers:

Metal container for my French energy drink? 8 letters LEMONADE
Conference centre shunned by Herb 6 letters PARLEY
He opposed the Reformation to a greater degree 4 letters MORE
Code-breaker admittedly one talking wildly in British isle 9 letters BRAVERMAN
Really good friend’s introduced Buckingham say 6 letters PALACE
Distinct character island god pens holy work 8 letters IDENTITY
Material from Grobschnitt ultimately old hat 7 letters TEXTILE
Sketch by artist showing struggle to survive 7 letters RATRACE
Sacrifice one companion crossing second lake 8 letters IMMOLATE
Being less than generous with the Stilton? 13 letters CHEESE PARING
Spoil lost princess’s appearance? 9 letters DISFIGURE
Revolutionary payment method for strike-breaker 4 letters SCAB
Final race say under arc lights for starters 8 letters EVENTUAL
See walls in posh school explode 8 letters DETONATE
Unknown individual in London band? 4 letters ZONE
Margaret Lady Holroyd losing daughter in crowd 6 letters RABBLE
Excellent beer served up in Crown & Sceptre? 7 letters REGALIA
FM broadcast with time for transitory things 8 letters EPHEMERA
Drink and drive to accommodate a tense playwright 10 letters DRAMATURGE
An obsessed person after exercise finds protein source 6 letters PEANUT
Writing from hammer-wielder carried in gold vessel 10 letters AUTHORSHIP
Refuse to provide exits 8 letters LEAVINGS
Note possible routes for traveller abandoned 8 letters CASTAWAY
Exile concerned with stale atmosphere vacated enclosure 7 letters REFUGEE
Potty at Balmoral perhaps causes rash 6 letters MADCAP
Capable Conservative means to apply pressure 6 letters CLEVER
Place is an eyesore reportedly 4 letters SITE


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