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The Independents Concise Crossword November 12 2022 Answers

The Independents Concise Crossword November 12 2022 Answers:

Writing fluid 3 letters INK
Compass point 4 letters WEST
Rotisserie 4 letters SPIT
Simple wooden dwelling 8 letters LOGCABIN
Theatre area 12 letters ORCHESTRAPIT
Red wine 6 letters CLARET
Priest’s assistant 6 letters CURATE
Extremely painful 12 letters EXCRUCIATING
Subsidiary interest 8 letters SIDELINE
Song of praise 4 letters HYMN
Nocturnal bird 3 letters OWL
Endanger 7 letters IMPERIL
Sailing boat 5 letters KETCH
Bet 5 letters WAGER
Cupboard 6 letters CLOSET
Item of highland dress 4 letters KILT
Decrepit 7 letters RICKETY
Wound up 6 letters COILED
Melodic 7 letters TUNEFUL
Wicked 4 letters EVIL
Workers’ organisation 5 letters UNION
Forbidden 5 letters TABOO


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