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Newsday Crossword November 16 2022 Answers

Newsday Crossword November 16 2022 Answers

Inert gas in the atmosphere 5 Letters ARGON
Middle of the Three Bears 4 Letters MAMA
Great achievement 4 Letters FEAT
Southeast Florida port 5 Letters MIAMI
Place to ”worship from” 4 Letters AFAR
Land measure 4 Letters ACRE
Divide evenly 5 Letters SPLIT
Metric weight 4 Letters GRAM
_ Mountains (Europe/Asia range) 4 Letters URAL
Group discussing comets and galaxies 13 Letters ASTRONOMYCLAB
Bottom of a shoe 4 Letters SOLE
Brewery’s large container 3 Letters VAT
Victories in boxing, for short 3 Letters KOS
Settle the score 7 Letters GETEVEN
‘Steady as __ goes” 3 Letters SHE
Give a speech 5 Letters ORATE
Peach seed 3 Letters PIT
Molecule component 4 Letters ATOM
Very docile 15 Letters ASGENTLEASALAMB
Batch of laundry 4 Letters LOAD
Sailor’s assent 3 Letters AYE
River’s flood barrier 5 Letters LEVEE
__ Arbor, MI 3 Letters ANN
Far in the past 7 Letters AGESAGO
Make a blunder 3 Letters ERR
Distinctive period 3 Letters ERA
Regretted 4 Letters RUED
May, as in ”I may go” 13 Letters AUXILIARYVERB
Transition point 4 Letters CUSP
Tot’s boo-boo 4 Letters OWIE
Poet Dickinson 5 Letters EMILY
Nabisco cookie 4 Letters OREO
Shows approval by moving one’s head 4 Letters NODS
Rascal 5 Letters ROGUE
The Red Planet 4 Letters MARS
Pesky little fly 4 Letters GNAT
Something of value 5 Letters ASSET
Times before noon: Abbr. 3 Letters AMS
Kelly of daytime TV 4 Letters RIPA
Women at a hoedown 4 Letters GALS
Fails to include 5 Letters OMITS
Main element in air 8 Letters NITROGEN
Fridge message holder 6 Letters MAGNET
Puffy hairdo 4 Letters AFRO
What cowboys call ladies 4 Letters MAAM
Former soldiers 8 Letters ARMYVETS
Pin the blame on 5 Letters FAULT
Brown hosiery color 4 Letters ECRU
Typical Jordanian 4 Letters ARAB
__ Aviv, Israel 3 Letters TEL
Spanish cheer 3 Letters OLE
Is able to 3 Letters CAN
Bearlike Aussie beast 5 Letters KOALA
Film legend Welles 5 Letters ORSON
Star gazer Carl 5 Letters SAGAN
Sporting swords 5 Letters EPEES
Going by way of 3 Letters VIA
__ off (avert) 5 Letters STAVE
Bases-clearing hit 5 Letters HOMER
Bonfire remnant 5 Letters EMBER
Danson of TV 3 Letters TED
Ginger __ (soft drink) 3 Letters ALE
Accompany someone 8 Letters TAGALONG
Drain-clearing chemical 3 Letters LYE
Natural burn balm 8 Letters ALOEVERA
The Diamondbacks, on scoreboards 3 Letters ARI
Take into custody 6 Letters ARREST
Dude 3 Letters GUY
Trade shows, for short 5 Letters EXPOS
Dealership’s floor models 5 Letters DEMOS
Uncanny glow 4 Letters AURA
__-friendly software 4 Letters USER
‘You couldn’t defeat me!” 4 Letters IWON
Verdi opera 4 Letters AIDA
Fixes dishonestly 4 Letters RIGS
Stars and Stripes color 4 Letters BLUE
Dot-__ (Internet business) 3 Letters COM
‘Are we having fun __?” 3 Letters YET


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