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New York Times – Nov 16 2022 Crossword Answers

New York Times – Nov 16 2022

Clues Answers
‘… and others too,’ more officially ETAL
‘A Thousand ___’ (1992 Pulitzer winner) ACRES
‘De ___ Vez’ (first Spanish-language single by Selena Gomez) UNA
‘Don’t reach for your wallet!’ ITSONME
‘For here’ alternative TOGO
‘Giant Brain’ in 1946 news ENIAC
‘My Neighbor ___,’ acclaimed 1988 Japanese animated film TOTORO
‘Norma ___’ RAE
‘Ooh, that could work!’ NICEIDEA
‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ author AESOP
‘___ you jest!’ SURELY
A big one may be hard to overcome in a relationship AGEGAP
Accept, as a college applicant ADMIT
Balm with a paradoxical name ICYHOT
Biblical unit of weight SHEKEL
Big game ELK
Button next to ‘Select’ on old game controllers START
Bygone spy grp OSS
Capital near Dubai ABUDHABI
Chews … NOT elaborates condescendingly to a female MANDUCATES
Coin-___ (some laundromats) OPS
Common burrito topping, informally GUAC
Concerns for property developers LOTS
Doesn’t wax WANES
Donkey ___ KONG
Earthy color OCHRE
Expert in filing CPA
Fast cash establishment PAWNSHOP
Fear of everything … NOT a fear of trousers PANTOPHOBIA
Feature of many a sit-in CHANT
Fictional manufacturer of giant rubber bands and cactus costumes ACME
Fix up, as a lawn RESOD
Fun find for a bargain hunter SALETAG
Gets ready to eat? RIPENS
Go bad SPOIL
Going wild ONASPREE
Google Sheets, e.g WEBAPP
Green: Prefix ECO
Having a metal coating PLATED
Here, in Saint-Tropez ICI
Ill-advised UNWISE
Indie band known for their high-concept, viral music videos OKGO
Itty-bitty TEENY
Journalist/podcaster Rehm DIANE
Like many a rom-com or maple tree SAPPY
Lover of teddy bears … NOT a devotee of polar regions ARCTOPHILE
Mum’s mum NAN
Nail polish brand with the shade ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’ OPI
Obsession with being published … NOT a flurry of transcription errors TYPOMANIA
One crying to Mami or Papi BEBE
Paper-saving invoice EBILL
Para alpine sport equipment SITSKI
Peer at suspiciously EYE
Resounding agreement GODYES
Science of measurement … NOT the study of urban areas METROLOGY
Sin : y-axis :: ___ : x-axis COS
Small box on a map INSET
Staycation option SPADAY
Step for clinical trials PHASE
Syllable of disapproval TSK
Term of address for a young man BUCKO
Timothée of ‘Beautiful Boy’ and ‘Dune’ CHALAMET
Title for Geraint or Gawain SIR
Tried to get elected RAN
Venue with a token-based currency ARCADE
Walked in long steps STRODE
What might accompany a baseball card GUM
What might change your mind, in a way ACIDTRIP
Word with chocolate or crime LAB
___-Air (upscale L.A. neighborhood) BEL
___-mo SLO


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