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Wall Street Journal – Nov 16 2022 – “Coarse Catalog” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“I hear you” COPY
“Lonely Boy” singer ANKA
“Number the Stars” author Lowry LOIS
“Wowsers!” GEE
Ad trailer? NAUSEAM
App fix PATCH
Are utterly awful SUCK
Assist in the gym SPOT
Bag-screening org TSA
BBQ accompaniment SLAW
Beholds SEES
Betty Grable poster, perhaps PINUP
Bill’s big moment PASSAGE
Bird-endangering chemical DDT
Block letters? SPF
Bourbon in New Orleans STREET
Boxes overlooking a stage LOGES
Canine command SPEAK
Century-spanning stories, say SAGAS
Christian of “Mr. Robot” SLATER
Cold burst ACHOO
Column base PLINTH
Containing more corn? HOKIER
Contract add-on RIDER
Cover completely COAT
Dept. of Labor agcy OSHA
Do some school work TEACH
Drone from a drone WHIR
Email app folder SENT
Eon subdivisions ERAS
Erotic poem by John Donne THEFLEA
Follower of holy and sacred COW
Franklin beat him in 1936 ALF
Gamete producer GONAD
God invoked in the Shahada ALLAH
Grp. based in the West Bank PLO
Kirk’s helmsman SULU
Like entry-level jobs, often LOWPAID
Like some rec leagues COED
Long dashes EMS
Madam, in Mannheim FRAU
Make public AIR
Member of an Iraqi minority KURD
Mortgage modification, familiarly REFI
Most, in suffixes EST
News aggregator eclipsed by Reddit DIGG
Norsk Folkemuseum site OSLO
Outlet output ACPOWER
Panic! at the Disco genre EMOPOP
Place for fossil collection TARPIT
Poseidon rules them SEAS
Postulation IDEA
Prenatal INUTERO
Prepare a turducken STUFF
Radiohead frontman Thom YORKE
Ruled the roast EMCEED
Salon substance GEL
See 31-Across AROUNDTHE
See 31-Across EDGES
Sentimental type SOFTIE
Short stroke PUTT
Smooths, in a way SANDS
String sections? NECKS
Submit a return with a click EFILE
Superstate in Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” EURASIA
They may justify the means ENDS
Thick fog, metaphorically PEASOUP
Tibia’s top KNEE
Too, in Toulouse AUSSI
Tool similar to a gimlet AWL
Tour grp. for Coco Gauff WTA
Vein discovery ORE
What is found at the heart of this clue ARTICLE
With 38- and 49-Across, unrefined, and a hint to what can precede this puzzle’s border words ROUGH
Withstand WEATHER


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