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USA Today – Nov 16 2022 Crossword Answers

USA Today – Nov 16 2022

Clues Answers
‘Brown ___’ (India.Arie song) SKIN
‘Did you hear the ___?’ NEWS
‘Don’t lump me in with you’ WHOSWE
‘For goodness’ ___!’ SAKE
‘g2g!’ response TTYL
‘I’m having so much fun!!!’ WHEE
‘I’ve got it!’ AHA
‘Not true!’ UHUH
‘Rosanna’ band TOTO
‘Sacre ___!’ BLEU
‘Sex Education’ character Effiong ERIC
‘That’s incredible!’ WOW
Actress Parrilla LANA
Aloo gobi ingredients POTATOES
Banh mi spread PATE
Board, like a train GETON
Bridging the ___ GAP
Brokers’ charges FEES
Change for the better AMEND
Cows’ milk organs UDDERS
Cribbage pieces PEGS
Dana Simpson, for ‘Phoebe and Her Unicorn’ CREATOR
Dental ___ FLOSS
Draw a blank FORGET
Enticing scents AROMAS
File holder FOLDER
File information such as author and size METADATA
Folk tales and such LORE
Fond French phrase JETADORE
Got a point SCORED
Had an odour SMELT
Highest card in poker ACE
In ___ of (rather than) LIEU
Info for a delivery driver STREETADDRESS
Laugh through the nose SNORT
Like saying ‘I told you so’ SMUG
Long stretch of time EON
Lowest card in poker TWO
Made a sound like a kitten MEWED
Mail out SEND
Martini component GIN
Not just my or your OUR
Origami necessity PAPER
Outdoor dining areas PATIOS
Pale ___ (rhyming drink) ALE
Parents’ sisters AUNTS
Person who might buy gifts off of someone’s wishlist without taking credit for it SECRETADMIRER
Physicist Marie CURIE
Recorded on VHS TAPED
Response to ‘Shall we?’ LETS
Sharpen, like an appetite WHET
Shows feelings EMOTES
Sounds from kick drums THUDS
Speaks very quietly MURMURS
The Bronx’s city, for short NYC
The Warriors and the Lakers, for example NBATEAMS
To an ___ (somewhat) EXTENT
Toronto CFL player, for short ARGO
Unconnected SEPARATE
Upper part of a shoe INSTEP
Utah Natives UTES
Video game hedgehog SONIC
Vultures circling, for example OMEN
Way out EXIT
When a plane is due in, for short ETA
Winter precipitation SNOW
Word after ‘surface’ or ‘gray’ AREA
___ Mahal TAJ


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