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Newsday Crossword November 19 2022 Answers

Newsday Crossword November 19 2022 Answers

Boston Marathon sponsor since 1989 ADIDAS
What you may get out of your refrigerator HUM
Letters on Octane Booster STP
When Hamilton begins COLONIALERA
Central principle of Chinese martial arts CHI
Not before that specific moment THENANDONLYTHEN
Focus of a Belgrade museum TESLA
Word from Malay for sheath SARONG
Capital by the Red Sea DINAR
It means made of INE
Legendary lamenter NIOBE
University town near Acadia ORONO
Work in progress BETA
Mel Brooks in the Hotel Transylvania films VLAD
Literary archetype of reinvention since the 1920s GATSBY
Curses! DANGIT
Likely to result in bigger banks SNOWIER
A name of Eliots STEARNS
Start back RECOIL
Supplanted by with of INLIEU
Inspire STIR
Word associated with parties and dresses WRAP
Made calls UMPED
Japanese cattle breed WAGYU
What precedes many an oath IRE
Takes no courses FASTS
Many Wookieepedia subjects ALIENS
Get off the ground VAULT
Turnoff before checking in RENTALCARRETURN
Bit of biocomputing DNA
Document detailing payments for play platforms GAMELICENSE
Home of Lt. Lindberghs sponsors STL
The signature of craft brewers worldwide IPA
Some roots of rock STRATA
Serve (as) ACT
Latter-day Darn! DOH
Création volcanique ILE
Infomercial order DONTANSWERYET
Intense as some exercise ANAEROBIC
Deviltry SINS
Protective layer HEN
Deliveries from Google URLS
Many a Central American MAYAN
Excursions with escorts SCHOOLTRIPS
Where to follow shooting stars THENBA
Reached out electronically PINGED
Spontaneously ADLIB
Allowed to check out LOANED
Its nothing really TRIVIALMATTER
__ age DOGS
Major producer of pomegranates IRAN
Unimaginative NOTORIGINAL
Conductors concerns ETAS
Start to trust ANTI
Comics complaint YEOW
Show servility GENUFLECT
Bahamian billionaire singers nickname RIRI
Well-groomed-sounding hair remover of old NEET
Theyre part of the Mug Root Beer logo SUDS
Juvenile jellyfish LARVAE
Growths of grass SWARDS
Stupidity is a __ for misconception: Poe TALENT
Gem that dissolves in vinegar PEARL
Eels for bento meals UNAGI
Sound of billowing sails SLAP
Novelist who cowrote Jerusalem: Song of Songs -1981 URIS
Fresh From Nashville playlist org. CMA
Article in El Diario UNA
Excerpt from a classroom wall banner RST
Read Across America Day sponsor NEA

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