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USA Today Crossword November 20 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 20 2022 Answers:

Part of a fedora 4 letters BRIM
Parts of a tree 5 letters LIMBS
Bat’s time to sleep 3 letters DAY
Like a perfect souffle 4 letters AIRY
Absolutely love 5 letters ADORE
Criticized constantly 4 letters RODE
Massage target 10 letters SCARTISSUE
Winds down 4 letters ENDS
Sunday with an egg hunt 6 letters EASTER
Avoid making changes 6 letters SITPAT
At the back of the pack 4 letters LAST
Some Nepalis ethnically 7 letters SHERPAS
Not as prevalent 5 letters RARER
Arctic or Atlantic 5 letters OCEAN
What ___ missing here? 3 letters AMI
Refinable rock 3 letters ORE
Popped like a balloon 5 letters BURST
Irritable mood 4 letters SNIT
___ your time 4 letters BIDE
Cubes in drinks 3 letters ICE
Grace under pressure 5 letters POISE
Muppet who lives in a trash can 14 letters OSCARTHEGROUCH
Fragrant flower that originated in China 7 letters TEAROSE
Hoarse voice 4 letters RASP
Sandwich initials 3 letters BLT
Final golf shot usually 4 letters PUTT
Pow! 3 letters BAM
Place to grab a pint 3 letters PUB
Belle ___ Park Detroit 4 letters ISLE
Listing agent’s field 6 letters REALTY
Male deer 4 letters STAG
23XI Racing for Bubba Wallace 10 letters NASCARTEAM
Grayish green 4 letters SAGE
Zany stunt 5 letters ANTIC
Maasai ___ Kenya 4 letters MARA
You can’t win ___ all 4 letters THEM
Not in style anymore 5 letters PASSE
Garlic’s exterior 4 letters SKIN
Acid’s counterpart 4 letters BASE
Costa ___ 4 letters RICA
Funds for golden years 4 letters IRAS
South Carolina’s ___ Beach 6 letters MYRTLE
Dragons’ homes 5 letters LAIRS
Cards on lanyards 3 letters IDS
Growth on a dead tree 4 letters MOSS
Fruit blemishes 7 letters BRUISES
Look over there! 7 letters SEETHAT
Stay calm! 9 letters DONTPANIC
Throw in 3 letters ADD
Totally! 3 letters YES
Bringing up the ___ 4 letters REAR
Detach along a perforated line 4 letters TEAR
___ name (author’s pseudonym) 3 letters PEN
OK that was a solid comeback 6 letters TOUCHE
People who follow the Ordnung 5 letters AMISH
Location 4 letters SITE
Funny ___ (sci-fi trope) 5 letters ROBOT
Crop up 5 letters ARISE
Vegetable paired with apples 10 letters REDCABBAGE
Language of 4 letters CREE
Drill attachments 4 letters BITS
Pho or gazpacho 4 letters SOUP
___ Grey tea 4 letters EARL
Blog contributor 6 letters POSTER
___ prata (Singaporean flatbread) 4 letters ROTI
Minions’ leader in Despicable Me 3 letters GRU
Wearying lifestyle 7 letters RATRACE
Unwelcome critters 5 letters PESTS
Not looking good 5 letters BLEAK
Video game company whose name is a Go term 5 letters ATARI
Denzel impersonator’s phrase 5 letters MYMAN
Subtle summons 4 letters PSST
State where the first KFC franchise opened 4 letters UTAH
Click of the fingers 4 letters SNAP
To All the Boys star Condor 4 letters LANA
Devices for withdrawals 4 letters ATMS
Pearl or jade 3 letters GEM
Prefix for gender or normativity 3 letters CIS

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