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Newsday Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

Newsday Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

Do the hula or waltz DANCE
Sound that rebounds ECHO
Ripped (up) TORE
Oak tree’s seed ACORN
Gooey substance GLOP
”My cup runneth __” OVER
Be worthy of MERIT
No longer in town GONE
Feeling of fright FEAR
Large briny body of water SEA
Sharp door knock RAP
Recipe measure: Abbr. TBS
Flows back, as the tide EBBS
Discoloration on clothing STAIN
__ should I know?” HOW
Letter after alpha BETA
Being dragged behind INTOW
Gym machine with pedals EXERCISEBICYCLE
Military award MEDAL
__ off (started a golf game) TEED
That fellow’s HIS
Jeans fabric DENIM
Make preparations PLAN
So far YET
Pester repeatedly NAG
Long-handled weeding tool HOE
Bouncy kids’ toy with a saddle ROCKINGHORSE
Winnie-the-__ POOH
Girl explorer of kids’ TV DORA
Electric-meter measurement USAGE
Thin fog HAZE
Give off, as light EMIT
Frugal person SAVER
Sketched DREW
Tennis court dividers NETS
‘Laughing” African beast HYENA
River-blocking structure DAM
Highest poker card ACE
Typical result NORM
Main dinner course ENTREE
Tasting like an omelet EGGY
Drain obstruction CLOG
Pay tribute to HONOR
Dramas with tenors and sopranos OPERAS
Soybean curd product TOFU
Pie baker’s appliance OVEN
Enjoy a novel READ
Goof up ERR
Synagogue leader RABBI
Vision-related OPTIC
Those people THEM
Sparred in the ring BOXED
Native of Stockholm SWEDE
Highest-quality BEST
Having a sharp incline STEEP
_ day now (soon) ANY
Needing to scratch ITCHY
I’m telling the truth!” NOLIE
Second son of Eve ABEL
Toward the sunset WEST
Sprinted or jogged RAN
Sound made by touching goblets CLINK
State known for potatoes IDAHO
Young girl MAIDEN
Take your time” NORUSH
Bearded garden statue GNOME
Newspaper opinion piece ESSAY
Lion’s noise ROAR
Flow very slowly OOZE
Have some gum CHEW
Sandpaper surface GRIT
Stetsons and sombreros HATS
Roof overhang EAVE
Professor’s degree, often: Abbr. PHD
__-Xers (baby boomers’ kids) GEN
Historical age ERA

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