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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Vain rules unexpectedly widespread 9 letters UNIVERSAL
Chartered accountant imbibing hot drink 3 letters CHA
Stylish English member meeting worker 7 letters ELEGANT
Girl taking vehicle to school at last 5 letters CAROL
Listen being widely discussed on social media is agonising! 12 letters
Something left for example in flimsy wrapping? 6 letters LEGACY
Male former partner in charge of old country 6 letters MEXICO
Distort terms in peer’s broadcast 12 letters
Information regarding a category of art 5 letters GENRE
Popular supporter cheers Spanish princess 7 letters INFANTA
Animal pen in West Yorkshire 3 letters STY
Conjure up memories about short skirts at church 9 letters REMINISCE
One employing American English regularly at first 4 letters USER
Composer after frozen confection an unemotional type 7 letters ICEBERG
Greek character’s estimated time of arrival 3 letters ETA
Heavenly body giving half of us a shock 6 letters SATURN
Eg publicans disturbing silence outside quarters 9 letters LICENSEES
Soldier supporting head of cat or dog 5 letters CORGI
Everyone say runs over initially moving quickly 7 letters ALLEGRO
Wide boy always holding up item of tennis gear 9 letters RACKETEER
False reports about cat in French city 7 letters LIMOGES
Prize money wife has left for a spell of cricket 7 letters INNINGS
Swirling mist restricts Rugby: an obvious fact 6 letters TRUISM
Cheery lad we hear 5 letters SUNNY
Headgear seen on European promontory 4 letters CAPE
Following peacekeepers is amusing 3 letters FUN

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