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Penny Dell Sunday Crossword November 13 2022 Answers

Penny Dell Sunday Crossword November 13 2022 Answers:

Babe in the woods 5 letters OWLET
Kitchen drawer? 5 letters AROMA
It may be super 3 letters PAC
Actor J. Carrol ________ 5 letters NAISH
Wall Street worry 5 letters PANIC
Lux composer 3 letters ENO
Play about an annoying office sub? 11 letters THETEMPPEST
Cat or Caps preceder 3 letters SNO
Bygone 3 letters OLD
Ocular inflammation 6 letters IRITIS
Cloverleaf feature 4 letters LOOP
Producer of lts. 4 letters USNA
Isn’t ________ bit like you and me? Beatles lyric 3 letters HEA
Play about a Greek caddie? 14 letters TEEMANOFATHENS
Fashionable 4 letters TONY
Young Kal-El 8 letters SUPERBOY
Oils and such 3 letters ART
Pump numbers 7 letters OCTANES
Producer of lts. 3 letters OCS
Ricocheting 8 letters CAROMING
Chair piece 4 letters SLAT
Play about a noted tortoise’s appendage? 14 letters THEWINNERSTAIL
List ending 3 letters ETC
Paradise Lost e.g. 4 letters EPIC
Tater 4 letters SPUD
Symphonic gong 6 letters TAMTAM
Livin’ Thing gp. 3 letters ELO
Actress Cynthia 3 letters KOH
Play about Child visiting Abraham’s birthplace? 11 letters JULIASEESUR
Bar beginning 3 letters ISO
Take ________ go for it 5 letters ARISK
Brings up 5 letters REARS
Utmost 3 letters NTH
Baby Jane portrayer 5 letters BETTE
Citizen rival 5 letters SEIKO
In the know about 4 letters ONTO
Ken of Wiseguy 4 letters WAHL
Perjured oneself 4 letters LIED
Superlative suffix 3 letters EST
Basic faith 6 letters THEISM
Ancient Rome’s ________ Way 6 letters APPIAN
Enthralled 4 letters RAPT
R.E.M.’s The ________ Love 4 letters ONEI
Deform 8 letters MISSHAPE
Glass-Steagall for one 3 letters ACT
Mexican coin 4 letters PESO
The A in A.D. 4 letters ANNO
Condo alternative 4 letters COOP
Genetic-information carrier: abbr. 4 letters MRNA
Memorable Bert 4 letters LAHR
180 familiarly 3 letters UEY
French 101 verb 4 letters ETES
Shul reading 5 letters TORAH
Between in Barcelona 5 letters ENTRE
Siouan language 5 letters OSAGE
What a buzzkill kills 3 letters FUN
Christ Stopped at ________ 5 letters EBOLI
Early diet soda 5 letters NOCAL
Pt. of CBS 4 letters SYST
Churl’s lack 4 letters TACT
Skip over 4 letters OMIT
Ecclesiastical sash 8 letters CINCTURE
Old cable inits. 3 letters TNN
Was short 4 letters OWED
Squid’s ink holder 3 letters SAC
Second shot 6 letters RETAKE
Baden-Baden et al. 4 letters SPAS
Kitchen aids 6 letters TIMERS
Bones’ partner 4 letters SKIN
Blog entry 4 letters POST
This can’t be good 4 letters UHOH
Came down 4 letters ALIT
Wet blanket? 4 letters MIST
Morales of NCIS: Los Angeles 4 letters ESAI
Hide in the shadows 4 letters LURK
Term of approximation 4 letters ORSO
Start of a one-two 3 letters JAB


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