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Penny Dell Sunday Crossword November 20 2022 Answers

Penny Dell Sunday Crossword November 20 2022 Answers:

Original Dungeons & Dragons co. 3 letters TSR
Whistler work 7 letters ETCHING
Cabinet dept. 3 letters AGR
Start of a bray 3 letters HEE
Young’uns 7 letters WEEONES
New beginning? 3 letters NEO
Maine Florida and everything in between 15 letters EASTERNUSSTATES
Trajan’s birth year 4 letters LIII
Classic Fender guitar familiarly 5 letters STRAT
Victoria’s Greek counterpart 4 letters NIKE
T.N.T. band 4 letters ACDC
Three on a par-5 hole 5 letters EAGLE
Bygone telco giant 3 letters GTE
Fortnight half 4 letters WEEK
Held sway 5 letters RULED
Long. crossers 4 letters LATS
Lincoln’s home: abbr. 3 letters NEB
Dorm figs. 3 letters RAS
Historic caravel 5 letters PINTA
With 36-Across like three letters in this grid 6 letters BOTTLE
See 34-Across 6 letters NECKED
Royal George 5 letters BRETT
NYC sports venue 3 letters MSG
Close-Up alternative 3 letters AIM
Vena ________ 4 letters CAVA
As yet 5 letters SOFAR
90210 et al. briefly 4 letters ZIPS
An end to peace? 3 letters NIK
Missing You singer John 5 letters WAITE
________ of the Dead Karloff film 4 letters ISLE
Check out 4 letters OGLE
Brat’s opposite 5 letters ANGEL
Minute minute pt. 4 letters NSEC
Internal-combustion mechanism 15 letters PETROLEUMENGINE
Spotted to Tweety 3 letters TAW
Red hot chili pepper 7 letters SERRANO
U.K. business abbr. 3 letters LTD
Pou ________ vantage point 3 letters STO
Nods maybe 7 letters ASSENTS
Check out 3 letters EYE
It’s often laid down 6 letters THELAW
Endangered Arctic presence 6 letters SEAICE
1998 video game set in Raccoon City 15 letters RESIDENTEVILTWO
Pastoral parent 3 letters EWE
More curt 6 letters TERSER
Horseman? 7 letters CENTAUR
Pattern of this grid 15 letters HOURGLASSFIGURE
Working as a rep 7 letters INSALES
Like mixing bowls often 6 letters NESTED
Prime meridian std. 3 letters GST
It targets military vehicles 15 letters ANTITANKMISSILE
Nerdess? 8 letters GEEKETTE
Gypsy mom 4 letters ROSE
Movie theater employee 11 letters TICKETTAKER
Changing Giovanni to John e.g. 11 letters ANGLICIZING
Low 3 letters SAD
Short order? 3 letters BLT
Fried-rice bit 3 letters PEA
English channel? 3 letters BBC
Candied citrus peel 8 letters ORANGEAT
Kvetchers 7 letters MOANERS
Sentinel 7 letters GATEMAN
Marshy tracts 6 letters SWALES
Cave 6 letters RELENT
A good deal 6 letters PLENTY
Break away 6 letters SECEDE
Decides 4 letters OPTS
Costa Rica’s ________ Peninsula 3 letters OSA

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