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Penny Dell Sunday Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

Penny Dell Sunday Crossword November 6 2022 Answers:

Kemo ________ 4 letters SABE
Went like the dickens 4 letters FLEW
Mud dauber for one 4 letters WASP
Heaps 4 letters ATON
Swear words? 4 letters OATH
… ish 5 letters SORTA
Start of some bad parenting advice 9 letters NOWDONTDO
Minute bits 5 letters IOTAS
Profs’ helpers 3 letters TAS
Native of a Black Sea port 7 letters ODESSAN
Green of Penny Dreadful 3 letters EVA
Bronchial woe 6 letters ASTHMA
Done up in braids 7 letters TRESSED
Brownstone feature 5 letters STOOP
Very in Vienna 4 letters SEHR
Seine feeder 4 letters OISE
Capernaum’s region 7 letters GALILEE
Stretched out 4 letters LAIN
Middle of the advice 15 letters ANYTHINGMADONNA
Fifth-century pope 4 letters LEOI
Where moguls are found 7 letters SKIAREA
Malarial fever 4 letters AGUE
Beethoven’s birthplace 4 letters BONN
Periodic Mickey D’s offering 5 letters MCRIB
One of two in a coupe 7 letters CARDOOR
Lamarr’s Samson and Delilah costar 6 letters MATURE
Corroded 3 letters ATE
Still woolly 7 letters UNSHORN
Do nothing 3 letters SIT
Grommets e.g. 5 letters RINGS
End of the advice 9 letters WOULDNTDO
A Confederacy of Dunces author 5 letters TOOLE
Spring Awakening character 4 letters ILSE
Mixed bag 4 letters OLIO
Ecto- antonym 4 letters ENTO
Hand (out) 4 letters METE
Great ________ NY 4 letters NECK
Some December temps 6 letters SANTAS
Glass-raising intro 6 letters ATOAST
Serves submissively 6 letters BOWSTO
Close 3 letters END
She plays Grace to Tomlin’s Frankie 5 letters FONDA
Running ________ 4 letters LATE
Sked guesses 4 letters ETDS
1993 hip-hop whodunit 10 letters WHOSTHEMAN
Wine and dine 3 letters WOO
Kind of well 8 letters ARTESIAN
Causes to collapse 8 letters STAVESIN
Rose Bowl site 8 letters PASADENA
Cosecant’s reciprocal 4 letters SINE
Sousaphone sound 6 letters OOMPAH
Unpaid debt 6 letters ARREAR
Stymied 7 letters HOGTIED
Stand-up routine typically 7 letters SOLOACT
Failure/success metaphor 10 letters SINKORSWIM
Cager great Baylor 5 letters ELGIN
City on the Tagus 6 letters LISBON
Way to order 8 letters ALACARTE
Disavowal 8 letters NEGATION
________ Sorry Taylor Swift song 8 letters YOURENOT
Marketplace concern 6 letters DEMAND
Cook (up) 6 letters RUSTLE
Containing element #77 6 letters IRIDIC
________ oneself went 6 letters BETOOK
Yorkshire river 4 letters OUSE
1957 Bobbettes hit 5 letters MRLEE
Argument weakness 4 letters HOLE
Bounce 4 letters OUST
Mop & ________ 3 letters GLO


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