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Penny Dell Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

Penny Dell Crossword November 6 2022 Answers:

Pace 4 letters STEP
Currency 4 letters CASH
Gentle knock 3 letters TAP
Ann or Fear 4 letters CAPE
Makeshift bed 6 letters PALLET
Adverse 3 letters ILL
Betwixt 4 letters AMID
Hope loftily 6 letters ASPIRE
Feathery stole 3 letters BOA
Aver 7 letters DECLARE
Extinct bird 3 letters MOA
Stopover spot 3 letters INN
As well as 3 letters AND
Glacial epoch 6 letters ICEAGE
Obvious 7 letters GLARING
Feel great pity 4 letters ACHE
Lend a hand 3 letters AID
Pizazz 4 letters ELAN
Fund generously 5 letters ENDOW
Aegean e.g. 3 letters SEA
More expensive 7 letters PRICIER
Singleton 3 letters ONE
Cleanse 5 letters PURGE
Bird domicile 4 letters NEST
____-dried tomato 3 letters SUN
Dill formerly 4 letters ANET
Simplest 7 letters EASIEST
Voice box 6 letters LARYNX
Flintlock e.g. 3 letters GUN
Fleecy female 3 letters EWE
Statute 3 letters ACT
Encouraging speech 7 letters PEPTALK
Coal measure 3 letters TON
Noun gender 6 letters NEUTER
Yoked team 4 letters OXEN
Molokai instrument 3 letters UKE
Term of office 6 letters TENURE
Baseball team 4 letters NINE
Bench 3 letters PEW
Unpaid sum 4 letters DEBT
Further 4 letters ELSE
Great number 4 letters SCAD
Not exciting 4 letters TAME
Homeric tale 4 letters EPIC
Hawker to some 6 letters PEDLAR
Container 4 letters CASE
Rugged mountain 3 letters ALP
Willowy 4 letters SLIM
Noble 6 letters HEROIC
Shinbone 5 letters TIBIA
Beside 5 letters ALONG
Flat surface 5 letters PLANE
Cowboy’s chum 7 letters PARDNER
Classroom head 7 letters TEACHER
Cuckoo 3 letters ANI
Poetic dusk 3 letters EEN
Pant 4 letters GASP
Place 4 letters LIEU
Hebrew month 4 letters ADAR
Quick flash 5 letters GLINT
Flavoring seed 5 letters ANISE
Crackerjack 3 letters ACE
Medicine unit 4 letters DOSE
Blame 4 letters ONUS
Left 4 letters WENT
Flag 7 letters PENNANT
Bric-a-brac stand 7 letters ETAGERE
Chipper 3 letters GAY
Go beyond 6 letters EXCEED
Dine at night 3 letters SUP
Chant 6 letters INTONE
Diminish 5 letters LETUP
Came to 5 letters AWOKE
Modernize 5 letters RENEW
Song 4 letters TUNE
Impudent 4 letters PERT
Leaf’s angle 4 letters AXIL
Light focuser 4 letters LENS
Lower joint 4 letters KNEE
Bath 3 letters TUB


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