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Universal Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 6 2022 Answers:

Many a Daytime Emmy nominee 9 letters SOAPACTOR
Just sits there 5 letters IDLES
Too bad really 9 letters ITSASHAME
Garlicky dip 5 letters AIOLI
Annual celebration for a pet parent 9 letters GOTCHADAY
Emotionally affected 5 letters MOVED
Sometimes-wireless PC device 5 letters MOUSE
Cilantro e.g. 4 letters HERB
Titular spy show role for Sandra Oh 3 letters EVE
PC’s space bar neighbor 3 letters ALT
Belittle 5 letters ABASE
Part of an at-home COVID test 4 letters SWAB
(Check out these supporting materials) 7 letters SEEALSO
Us star Nyong’o 6 letters LUPITA
Follower of exhibition games 12 letters SEASONOPENER
19th-century Democrat’s opponent 4 letters WHIG
Tai ___ 3 letters CHI
Cheekiness 4 letters SASS
Phrase of mock surprise 12 letters WHATASHOCKER
Strongly criticize 6 letters REVILE
Means of Wi-Fi access 7 letters HOTSPOT
Greek god of war 4 letters ARES
Eco-friendly grocery bags 5 letters TOTES
Number in this crossword’s northwesternmost square 3 letters ONE
___ XING 3 letters PED
Oscar-winning Nomadland director 4 letters ZHAO
Leaves out 5 letters OMITS
Common Sense author 5 letters PAINE
Umbrella term for Indigenous nonbinary gender identities 9 letters TWOSPIRIT
Integrate as a video on a web page 5 letters EMBED
Seeking affirmation? 9 letters HEREICOME
Gets up 5 letters RISES
Person who really savors flavors 9 letters SLOWEATER
Summation symbols 6 letters SIGMAS
Peter with eight Best Actor nominations 6 letters OTOOLE
Sharp-witted 6 letters ASTUTE
Grps. that sway campaigns 4 letters PACS
Tennis great Arthur 4 letters ASHE
___-ching! 3 letters CHA
Smidge 3 letters TAD
Nebraska’s largest city 5 letters OMAHA
Surname that means kings in Spanish 5 letters REYES
Poetic foot 4 letters IAMB
God in Italian 3 letters DIO
Pride parade sentiment 8 letters LOVEWINS
Takes to the next level 8 letters ELEVATES
Lemme digress real quick … 7 letters SIDEBAR
Settle elsewhere in brief 4 letters RELO
Sex Education star Butterfield 3 letters ASA
The Garden of Earthly Delights painter 5 letters BOSCH
Dill pickle slices 6 letters SPEARS
In the current state 6 letters ASITIS
Word before guardian or tender 5 letters LEGAL
Perturbed 5 letters UPSET
And what do we have here?! 3 letters OHO
For a very specific audience 5 letters NICHE
What is this place? 8 letters WHEREAMI
Are able to get first choice 8 letters HAVEDIBS
Candy coat? 7 letters WRAPPER
Comedian Meyers 4 letters SETH
Boxing stats 3 letters KOS
Murder on the Orient Express detective Hercule 6 letters POIROT
In before the bell 6 letters ONTIME
Perfume sampler 6 letters TESTER
Solemn declarations 5 letters OATHS
Sauna cover 5 letters TOWEL
Last letters in London 4 letters ZEDS
Classic Ron Howard role 4 letters OPIE
Flaky mineral 4 letters MICA
Indicator of a name change 3 letters NEE
Spanish gold 3 letters ORO
Fix a seam 3 letters SEW


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