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USA Today Crossword November 6 2022 Answer List

USA Today Crossword November 6 2022 Answers:

Provocative 4 letters EDGY
Circle or triangle 5 letters SHAPE
Got a peek at 3 letters SAW
Bundle in a barn 4 letters BALE
Rings over angels’ heads 5 letters HALOS
Middle of a pineapple ring 4 letters HOLE
Vegetables that look like mini cabbages 15 letters BRUSSELSSPROUTS
Cargo ship material 5 letters STEEL
Adversary 3 letters FOE
Are too! rebuttal 5 letters AMNOT
Little taste of matcha 3 letters SIP
Like some stadiums 5 letters DOMED
Irina Krush’s team in the Chess Olympiad 3 letters USA
Fermented soybean paste 4 letters MISO
Overly critical 5 letters HARSH
Baby whale 4 letters CALF
End of story 6 letters PERIOD
Moisturizer type 3 letters GEL
Legumes paired with saltfish 9 letters LIMABEANS
Garlicky sauce 5 letters AIOLI
Vinegary marinade 5 letters ADOBO
Apt name for a yoga instructor 4 letters MATT
Nine-___ battery 4 letters VOLT
Spanish for Miss (Abbr.) 4 letters SRTA
Long sandwich 7 letters TORPEDO
First part of a musical 4 letters ACTI
Direction opposite NNW 3 letters SSE
Feels so relaxing! 3 letters AAH
Womanica is one 7 letters PODCAST
End-of-term exams 6 letters FINALS
Frat ___ 3 letters BRO
Roasted meat served with chun bing 11 letters BEIJINGDUCK
At Seventeen singer Janis 3 letters IAN
Pita or paratha 5 letters BREAD
Peninsula linking Asia and Africa 5 letters SINAI
Flamenco cheer 3 letters OLE
Response to Who’s there? 5 letters ITSME
___ cherry juice 4 letters TART
Recedes from the shore 4 letters EBBS
It’s thrown at a board 4 letters DART
Adhesive for press-on nails 4 letters GLUE
Positive answers 5 letters YESES
Sheree Whitfield’s clothing line 3 letters SHE
___-off sale 4 letters HALF
What’s more . . . 4 letters ALSO
Got ready for a picture 5 letters POSED
Telepath’s skill 3 letters ESP
Works for me 10 letters SOUNDSGOOD
Choir member 4 letters ALTO
Taipei-to-Guilin direction 4 letters WEST
Bases-clearing hit 5 letters HOMER
___ pickings 4 letters SLIM
Sister brand of Super 8 6 letters RAMADA
Accessory for Frosty the Snowman 4 letters PIPE
Looky here! 3 letters OHO
School near Hollywood 4 letters UCLA
Spoke aloud 4 letters SAID
Give me one more minute to wrap this up 10 letters ALMOSTDONE
Sewing line 4 letters SEAM
Showily decorated 6 letters ORNATE
Nihao translation 5 letters HELLO
Silk chiffon for example 6 letters FABRIC
The function of freedom ___ free somebody else (Toni Morrison) 4 letters ISTO
Ignited 3 letters LIT
Automated online account 3 letters BOT
Enough already! 8 letters IVEHADIT
Prepare for a competition 5 letters TRAIN
State confidently 6 letters ASSERT
Twinges of guilt 5 letters PANGS
H.S. science class 5 letters APBIO
Color similar to salmon 5 letters CORAL
Places for hogs 5 letters STIES
A League of Their Own star Jacobson 4 letters ABBI
Bona ___ 4 letters FIDE
Green moth variety 4 letters LUNA
___ tissue 4 letters SCAR
Printer problem 3 letters JAM
Set of drums 3 letters KIT


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