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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 13 2022 Crossword Answers

 Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 13 2022 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
“… three men in__” ATUB
“Agreed!” ITSADEAL
“Don’t tell__ can’t!” MEI
“Emma” has two of these EMS
“Hi,” in Hilo ALOHA
“Look here, too,” in a reference SEEALSO
“McQ” actor Gulager CLU
“Regency” hotels HYATTS
“Return to reality!” GETAGRIP
“Rocky” star STALLONE
“Say what?” HUH
“Sliver” writer Levin IRA
“The check__ the mail” ISIN
1990s Toyota coupe PASEO
2004-11 Laker Lamar ODOM
700-mile-long Congolese river UELE
Actor Wallach ELI
Actress Blair LINDA
Actress Jillian ANN
Actress Long NIA
Actress Loy MYRNA
Actress__ De La Garza ALANA
Agent’s cut FEE
All wound up TENSE
Antifraud org BBB
Aussie birds EMUS
Befuddles ADDLES
Big spotted cat released from jail early? PAROLEDLEOPARD
Bluefin, e.g TUNA
Bonnie’s pal CLYDE
Campus mil. gp ROTC
Chi-Town daily paper TRIB
Classic typewriter brand OLIVETTI
Composer Khachaturian ARAM
Covert org CIA
Dialect suffix ESE
Doc treating laryngitis ENT
Doc’s gp AMA
Dust picker-upper RAGMOP
Easily duped NAIVE
Eighth Greek letter THETA
Electric circuit component RESISTOR
Elizabeth__ Browning BARRETT
Enervate SAP
Fajita meat STEAK
Fix up, as an old house REHAB
Florida city OCALA
Free (of) RID
French “a” UNE
Future atty.’s exam LSAT
Gambling parlor, in brief OTB
Game draw TIE
Greenish citrus drink LIMEADE
Group of PC gurus ITTEAM
Hard wood ELM
Hard wood OAK
Having fine granules MEALY
Humdinger LULU
Ignited again RELIT
Interprets READS
Irish dance JIG
James__ Garfield ABRAM
Kid’s amuser TOY
Kindle buy EBOOK
Large lizard from northern South America? GUIANAIGUANA
Latin abbr. meaning “and the following” ETSEQ
Leaves GOES
Legislate ENACT
Like the verb “go”: Abbr IRREG
Linear, briefly ONED
Lobe-finned swimmer turning red? FLUSHINGLUNGFISH
Mil. bigwig GEN
Mimicking bird that’s predatory? RAPTORPARROT
Mini-guitar UKE
More scarce RARER
New attempt RETRY
Ninth Greek letter IOTA
Nocturnal burrower wearing clothes? GARBEDBADGER
Nonpolluting power source SOLARARRAY
Novelist Tan AMY
Old newspaper section ROTO
Old-time crooner Julius LAROSA
On cloud nine ELATED
One-eighty UEY
Orig. texts MSS
Other, in Oaxaca OTRO
Penny prez ABE
Pertaining to INRE
Petite pies TARTS
Pie charts, e.g GRAPHS
Pioneering email co AOL
Presnell of “Fargo” HARVE
Put in very hot water BOIL
Quark’s place ATOM
Quartz type JASPER
Ready-__ (precooked) TOEAT
Refilled to the brim TOPPEDUP
Region AREA
Rhine siren LORELEI
Sahara’s land AFRICA
Sailor’s morning warning REDSKY
Sailor’s quaff GROG
Schemes PLANS
Seat winners INS
SeaWorld whale, once SHAMU
See 24-Down OMEN
Seize NAB
Semiaquatic reptile that’s really zealous? MANIACCAIMAN
Serenity PEACE
She starred in “Room” BRIELARSON
Shut-eye site BED
Singer Coolidge RITA
Singer Janis IAN
Singer O’Day ANITA
Slalom, e.g SKI
Solid ground EARTH
Spiny anteater on a leash? CHAINEDECHIDNA
Sports official UMP
Spruces up GROOMS
Starting boost LEGUP
Sty animals PIGS
Take__ of faith ALEAP
Taking after ALA
Taxing org IRS
Tesla’s Musk ELON
Text alterer EDITOR
Thai currency BAHT
That girl HER
Trait carrier GENE
Trio before R OPQ
TV show blocking device VCHIP
Unbox, e.g OPEN
Vent vocally RANT
Very small monkey from the red planet? MARTIANTAMARIN
Was keen on LIKED
Waterloo marshal Michel NEY
Wheel-spinning rodent that’s a Bay State college mascot? AMHERSTHAMSTER
Whip-tailed marine menace going off course? STRAYINGSTINGRAY
With 31-Down, it doesn’t bode well BAD
Zoned (out) SPACED
__ Actress (award for 39-Down) BEST
__ torch TIKI


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