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USA Today – Nov 13 2022 Crossword Answers

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‘It’s a sketch, not a ___!’ (comedian’s correction) SKIT
‘Pleasant dreams!’ SLEEPTIGHT
‘That was my suspicion’ ITHOUGHTSO
‘That ___ without saying’ GOES
‘The Ms. ___ Show’ PAT
‘The way I see it . . .’ in texts IMHO
‘What’s up ___ that?’ WITH
‘Where ___ the time gone?’ HAS
Breakfast with rolled oats MUESLI
Building add-on ANNEX
Capital of Peru LIMA
Caught in the ___ ACT
Challah ingredient EGG
Cooking fat that has a high smoke point GHEE
Cousin’s dad UNCLE
Cozy place to stay the night INN
Crane material STEEL
Cut with scissors SNIP
Doggy paddle, for example SWIM
Equivalent of 5,280 feet MILE
Exert effort TRY
Felt sore ACHED
Fine-tune HONE
Fish in some onigiri TUNA
Fish sauce amount (Abbr.) TSP
Former girlfriends EXES
Fraudulent offer SCAM
Georgetown University athlete HOYA
Has no winner ENDSINATIE
Have a bite EAT
Hertz competitor ALAMO
In ___ (attuned) SYNC
In ___ land LALA
Indigenous New Zealanders MAORIS
Inflated self-images EGOS
Inventor’s starting point IDEA
It might be taken or saved SEAT
Lite-Brite piece PEG
Long, narrow cut SLIT
Lose your cool PANIC
Make mad RILE
Messenger molecule RNA
Mole pepper ANCHO
Monte ___, Monaco CARLO
Muppet with an orange nose ELMO
Number of eyes for most spiders EIGHT
NYC neighborhood SOHO
Origami mishaps TEARS
Part of the foot INSTEP
People-eating monsters OGRES
Person who works with brick MASON
Pig’s place STY
Pigeon’s sound COO
Place to share memes GROUPCHAT
Prickly plant part THORN
Princess ___ Organa LEIA
Prone to dust storms ARID
Rabbits have long ones EARS
Receiving a lot of attention INTHESPOTLIGHT
Represent as sheet music NOTATE
Rest stops for camels OASES
Second or kilogram UNIT
Skewer often glazed with tare sauce YAKITORI
Skillet covers LIDS
Skyrocket SOAR
Suffix for a verb ING
Theme park with a World Discovery section EPCOT
Time periods ERAS
Utensil with a long handle ICEDTEASPOON
Website whose shopowners might be Indie Sellers Guild members ETSY
Wedding body art HENNA
Wing-to-wing measurement SPAN
x- or y- line AXIS
Xi’an-to-Tokyo direction EAST
___ Lodge motels ECONO
___-high boots THIGH


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