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New York Times – Nov 13 2022 Crossword Answers

New York Times – Nov 13 2022

Clues Answers
‘Brille Brille Petite ___’ (children’s song abroad) ETOILE
‘For ___, all nature is too little’: Seneca GREED
‘Happy to!’ NOPROB
‘Knives Out’ actress Ana de ___ ARMAS
‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ spinoff RHODA
‘The ___ Holmes Mysteries’ (young adult series) ENOLA
‘___ at 11’ (local news promo) FILM
105-Down, e.g MEAT
1993 R&B hit with the lyric ‘Keep playin’ that song all night’ HEYMRDJ
24 horas from now MANANA
A-listers ELITE
Achieved a flight training milestone SOLOED
Alphabet ___ SOUP
Animal with a prominent proboscis TAPIR
Arctic jacket ANORAK
Bad look GLARE
Band whose final album, ‘Synchronicity,’ was their most popular, with ‘The’ POLICE
Barely squeeze (by) EKE
Beast with a mouth best left unexamined GIFTHORSE
Become established TAKEROOT
Big name in pain relief ANACIN
Big name in pain relief ALEVE
Bit of hairstyling CURL
Bountiful harvests for farmers … or another hint to the crossings of shaded squares BUMPERCROPS
Brand name-checked in Paul Simon’s ‘Kodachrome’ NIKON
Bygone magazine for rock music enthusiasts CREEM
Calf site LEG
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
City NW of Bar Harbor BANGOR
Claptrap DRIVEL
Color wheel options TONES
Common concert merch TEE
Contacts via Instagram, informally DMS
Coups in journalism SCOOPS
Cry of perfection from a carpenter? INAILEDIT
Disembark GOASHORE
Email symbols, informally ATS
Ensnared INATRAP
Experience sharer MENTOR
Eye-grabbing email subject line URGENT
Fast-sounding freshwater fish DARTER
Game typically played in the dark LASERTAG
Garnish for a Gibson cocktail ONION
Gave (out) DOLED
Go back for more REUP
Got in order SORTED
Hägar the Horrible’s hound SNERT
Hairspray brand since the 1950s AQUANET
Has for supper DINESON
Hiking group? NFLTEAM
Honors in the ad biz CLIOS
Illegal, as a download PIRATED
Is delighted by the invitation LOVESTO
It might be stuck on the chopping block AXEHEAD
It shares a key with ‘!’ ONE
It’s ‘rarely pure and never simple,’ per Oscar Wilde TRUTH
It’s hot right now FAD
Jurors, to a defendant PEERS
Kenan’s comedy partner KEL
Lab-engineered fare, facetiously … or a hint to the six crossings of shaded squares FRANKENFOOD
Land of leprechauns ERIN
Lenovo competitor ACER
Like a very heavy sleeper COMATOSE
Like diamonds RED
Clues Answers
Longtime Progressive spokeswoman FLO
Loud, as a crowd AROAR
Makes some deep cuts in LACERATES
Measures up to MEETS
Mesopotamian metropolis EDESSA
Mop’s partner, in a brand name GLO
More cocksure SMUGGER
More in need of practice RUSTIER
Most off-the-wall ZANIEST
Not so harsh GENTLER
Objects from faraway lands EXOTICA
Old yellers? CRIERS
One not getting in too deep WADER
Peter Pan alternative JIF
Pinkerton who founded the Pinkerton detective agency ALLAN
Politico Cheney LIZ
Precisely SMACKDAB
Prefix with biology AERO
Prefix with biology ASTRO
Producers of multiple outs, for short DPS
Pronoun for Frenchwomen ELLES
Qom home IRAN
Queen commemorated on the Hollywood Walk of Fame LATIFAH
Quick escapes LAMS
Relative of a waterspout TORNADO
Retort to ‘No, you’re not able’ ICANTOO
Return payments? RANSOMS
Rise, as a steed might REARUP
Sch. for which John Wayne played tackle USC
Seat of Utah County PROVO
Seeing someone socially ONADATE
Seek, as punitive payment SUEFOR
Sell, as bicycles? PEDDLE
Singer/songwriter ___ Mai ELLA
Smart ___ ALECK
So-called ‘father of geometry’ EUCLID
Some skin care ingredients, informally ACTIVES
Source of big green eggs EMU
Spanish dirección ESTE
Spot for a tattoo PARLOR
Swear word OATH
Swear word CUSS
Target of an annual shot FLU
Terse affirmation IAM
Tesla but not Edison CAR
They start in the corners ROOKS
Thing moving through a tube, maybe OVUM
Thinks up IDEATES
Tight (with) INGOOD
Tiny amount of time: Abbr NSEC
Totally terrif FAB
Totenberg of NPR NINA
Tree of the custard apple family PAPAW
Trifling, informally ITTY
Twosome DYAD
Unlawful occupant SQUATTER
Unpopular food that’s rich in minerals LIVER
Unpredictable change VAGARY
Used an unspoken language SIGNED
Vast quantity SEA
Vehicle that might have parachute brakes DRAGSTER
Wedding proposal? ATOAST
What gorillas have that giraffes lack? HARDG
What might prompt a run for congress? LIBIDO
Where you went ALMAMATER
Word with food, clothes or entertainment STREET
Worker who makes a ton of dough BAKER


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