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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 20 2022 Crossword Answers

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“Addams Family” cousin ITT
“Get going!” DOIT
“Ho-hum” MEH
“I never __ purple cow …” SAWA
“I Shot Andy Warhol” actress Taylor LILI
“Likewise” ASDOI
“Obviously!” DUH
“__ really true?” ISIT
1860s prez ABE
2017 U.S. Open winner Stephens SLOANE
A part of INON
Actress Blunt EMILY
Actress Dunham LENA
Actress Garr TERI
Amazingly executed approach shot that a golfer recalls often? MEMORYCHIP
Amtrak train ACELA
An archangel URIEL
Atoll unit ISLE
Banks of fashion TYRA
Belfry flier BAT
Belittle, in hip-hop DIS
Bell’s ring TOLL
Big continent ASIA
Bolt variety RIVET
Boxing stats KOS
Brand of lens solution RENU
Brilliant golf shot? STROKEOFGENIUS
Bronc riding event RODEO
By __ of (due to) DINT
Cafe freebie MINT
Cat calls MEOWS
Cattle call MOO
CBS series set in Vegas CSI
Christian rite SACRAMENT
Circus venue ARENA
Clinton aide Dee Dee MYERS
Corrida yell OLE
Crater parts RIMS
Damsel GAL
Despite that YET
Doolittle of “Pygmalion” ELIZA
Elliptical OVAL
Explode ERUPT
Extreme agitation TURMOIL
Eye sore STYE
Foal’s mother MARE
Followed closely, as a dog HEELED
Food intakes DIETS
From corner to corner: Abbr DIAG
Gets bigger GROWS
Gift topper BOW
Golf tee shot that goes down a mountain cliff? DRIVEOVERTHEEDGE
Golfer’s cry when a would-be one-under-par shot almost goes in the hole? BYEBYEBIRDIE
Grooving on INTO
Group of amateur sports teams playing for fun RECLEAGUE
Hair curler ROLLER
Harder to find RARER
Having an irregular form ODDSHAPED
Height: Prefix ACRO
Heron cousin IBIS
Hip-hop mogul Gotti IRV
Idyllic places EDENS
Immediately ATONCE
In addition MORE
In addition TOO
In advance of ERE
In __ rush AMAD
Intertwine LACE
Is plural? ARE
It follows pi RHO
Italian painter Guido __ RENI
Jackie’s “O” ARI
Jeans maker Strauss LEVI
Kin of “Ciao!” ADIEU
Lacking in variety, informally SAMEY
Leaking goop OOZY
Lettuce or spinach cultivated in a golf putting area? GREENVEGETABLE
Lhasa __ APSO
Life story, in brief BIO
Like spud-peeling GIs ONKP
Likely (to) APT
Lyric work ODE
Mag workers EDS
Male bud BRAH
Muffin grain OAT
Multiple-PC system LAN
Native Kiwi MAORI
Native suffix ITE
No matter how an errant golf shot is made? ANYWAYYOUSLICEIT
Often-restricted flying zones AIRSPACES
On Social Sec., say RET
One of the Twin Cities STPAUL
Opponent RIVAL
Outfielder Slaughter ENOS
Places for warships NAVYBASES
Precious gem hidden among a golf course’s long grass? DIAMONDINTHEROUGH
Pretty soon INABIT
Quick bark YIP
Receiving steady pay SALARIED
Red as __ ABEET
Road 180s UIES
Rounded roof halves SEMIDOMES
Scarf down EATUP
See 42-Down MARON
Sentenced to punishment CONDEMNED
Sheep group HERD
Sheriff Taylor’s boy OPIE
Sidestep EVADE
Sigh of relief AAH
Singer Fisher EDDIE
Singer Lenya LOTTE
Slugger Mel OTT
Special outdoor mall event TENTSALE
Speech flaw LISP
Stannite yield TIN
Stockings HOSE
Suffix with hero INE
Swindle SCAM
Tears on foot RUNS
Telly network, with “the” BEEB
Tennis star Andre AGASSI
Testing site LAB
Thai tongue LAO
Thrombocyte PLATELET
Tot’s “terrible” time AGETWO
Tots’ batting game TBALL
Urban vehicle BUS
Viral videos, e.g MEMES
Walk in shallow water WADE
Willing to go along with it AMENABLE
Winter glider SLED
With 2-Down, stand-up comic who co-starred on Netflix’s “GLOW” MARC
Woman LADY
Works by painter Francisco GOYAS
Yearning to play golf again? MISSINGLINKS
Young woman who’s very skilled with metal golf clubs? IRONMAIDEN
Your and my OUR
__ Boys (rap trio) BEASTIE
__ buco OSSO
__ egg (flop) LAYAN
__ glance ATA
__ pants CAPRI
__ Spumante ASTI

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