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USA Today – Nov 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Look over there!’ SEETHAT
‘OK, that was a solid comeback’ TOUCHE
‘Pow!’ BAM
‘Stay calm!’ DONTPANIC
‘To All the Boys’ star Condor LANA
‘Totally!’ YES
‘What ___ missing here?’ AMI
‘You can’t win ___ all’ THEM
23XI Racing, for Bubba Wallace NASCARTEAM
Absolutely love ADORE
Acid’s counterpart BASE
Arctic or Atlantic OCEAN
At the back of the pack LAST
Avoid making changes SITPAT
Bat’s time to sleep DAY
Belle ___ Park, Detroit ISLE
Blog contributor POSTER
Bringing up the ___ REAR
Cards on lanyards IDS
Click of the fingers SNAP
Costa ___ RICA
Criticized constantly RODE
Crop up ARISE
Cubes in drinks ICE
Denzel impersonator’s phrase MYMAN
Detach along a perforated line TEAR
Devices for withdrawals ATMS
Dragons’ homes LAIRS
Drill attachments BITS
Final golf shot, usually PUTT
Fragrant flower that originated in China TEAROSE
Fruit blemishes BRUISES
Funds for golden years IRAS
Funny ___ (sci-fi trope) ROBOT
Garlic’s exterior SKIN
Grace under pressure POISE
Grayish green SAGE
Growth on a dead tree MOSS
Hoarse voice RASP
Irritable mood SNIT
Language of CREE
Like a perfect souffle AIRY
Listing agent’s field REALTY
Location SITE
Maasai ___, Kenya MARA
Male deer STAG
Massage target SCARTISSUE
Minions’ leader in ‘Despicable Me’ GRU
Muppet who lives in a trash can OSCARTHEGROUCH
Not as prevalent RARER
Not in style anymore PASSE
Not looking good BLEAK
Part of a fedora BRIM
Parts of a tree LIMBS
Pearl or jade GEM
People who follow the Ordnung AMISH
Pho or gazpacho SOUP
Place to grab a pint PUB
Popped like a balloon BURST
Prefix for ‘gender’ or ‘normativity’ CIS
Refinable rock ORE
Sandwich initials BLT
Some Nepalis, ethnically SHERPAS
South Carolina’s ___ Beach MYRTLE
State where the first KFC franchise opened UTAH
Subtle summons PSST
Sunday with an egg hunt EASTER
Throw in ADD
Unwelcome critters PESTS
Vegetable paired with apples REDCABBAGE
Video game company whose name is a Go term ATARI
Wearying lifestyle RATRACE
Winds down ENDS
Zany stunt ANTIC
___ Grey tea EARL
___ name (author’s pseudonym) PEN
___ prata (Singaporean flatbread) ROTI
___ your time BIDE

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