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New York Times – Nov 20 2022 Crossword Answers

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‘Go no further!’ HALT
‘Inside the N.B.A.’ channel TNT
‘Krazy ___’ KAT
‘Seasons of Love’ musical RENT
‘That was unexpected!’ WOW
‘The Eagle ___ landed’ HAS
‘The Mod Squad’ role LINC
‘You wanted to see me?’ YES
…—.. SOS
2005 Scott Westerfeld sci-fi novel with the sequel ‘Pretties’ UGLIES
A little off? ONSALE
Abound (with) TEEM
Actress Kaitlin of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ OLSON
Actress Rowlands GENA
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Announcement of a split decision? DEARJOHN
Aurophiles .. GOFORTHEGOLD
Autotumulophiles .. DIGTHEIROWNGRAVE
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Mel OTT
Basketball coach Popovich GREGG
Bird feeder fat SUET
Bloke GENT
Brings up REARS
Cabaret accessories BOAS
Came down ALIT
Can’t tolerate HATES
Card game shout UNO
Certain fluency-building subj ESL
Choral voice ALTO
Chronomechanophiles .. LIKECLOCKWORK
Classic muscle car GTO
Close out SETTLE
Co.’s second-in-command, usually COO
Come after ENSUE
Come out of la-la land with a jolt SNAPTO
Cooking place OVEN
Cooking staple SALT
Cooking staple OIL
Die down ABATE
Emulate the Cheshire cat GRIN
Even slightly ATALL
Eventual outlet for Lake Victoria THENILE
Extra something ADDIN
Fall behind the pack STRAGGLE
Feel like [grrrr] SEETHE
Finish by ENDAT
Fit snugly NEST
Game with cestas and a pelota JAIALAI
Geometrophiles .. LOVETRIANGLES
Gets lost SCRAMS
Go on and on (about) RAVE
Goosebump-inducing EERIE
Gunpowder holder KEG
Habitat threatened by bleaching REEF
High wind OBOE
High winds GALES
Hill by a loch BRAE
Home to many Constables and Sargents TATE
Imagophiles .. PRIZEDRAWING
In stitches SEWN
It’s a bad look STINKEYE
Joan of Arc, for one MARTYR
Kylo ___ of ‘Star Wars’ REN
Lauder of beauty products ESTEE
Like some whiskey barrels OAKEN
Long campaigns SIEGES
Longtime NASCAR sponsor STP
Member of a colony ANT
Minor disagreement SPAT
Monopoly properties that don’t get hotels, for short RRS
New York university that hosted presidential debates in 2008, 2012 and 2016 HOFSTRA
Ninja Turtles’ abode SEWER
Not be straight with LIETO
Novosibirsk negative NYET
Nugget from a noggin IDEA
Obedience school command SIT
Old ‘The beer of quality’ sloganeer, in brief PBR
Org. that partners with Lyft and Uber to promote safe ridesharing MADD
Painter’s primer GESSO
Palatial GRAND
Palaver CHAT
Parts of flutes and flowers STEMS
Passports, e.g., in brief IDS
PC component CPU
Periphery EDGE
Preacher’s preaching GOSPEL
Private affairs? ARMYLIFE
Pummel, as with snowballs PELT
Put down in writing LOG
Ready for a drive TEEDUP
Red state? ANGER
Rightmost menu heading, often HELP
Sad ___ SACK
Sandwich that may include salami, prosciutto and soppressata ITALIANHERO
Sarcastic response to a complaint SUEME
Schnozzes SNOOTS
Secure, as a skiff MOOR
Seeks attention, in a way ACTSOUT
Shelves for knickknacks WHATNOTS
Singer born Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin ENYA
Sinister smiles SNEERS
Small parlor piece? TAT
Something you sleep through DREAM
Squeeze, as a mop WRING
Still YET
Stockings NYLONS
Stretched (out) EKED
Sub-Saharan pests TSETSEFLIES
Sunny-side-up ‘suns’ YOLKS
Symbol of laziness SLOTH
Take care of business SEETOIT
The N.B.A.’s Curry, to fans STEPH
The ___ that bind TIES
Things Acrobat Reader reads PDFS
To whom it is said ‘You have a grand gift for silence …. It makes you quite invaluable as a companion’ WATSON
Tot’s rocker HORSY
TV girl with the catchphrase ‘Swiper, no swiping!’ DORA
What might accompany a wink NUDGE
Word repeated in a classic Energizer slogan GOING
Word with trip or test ROAD
___ Rule, true-crime writer ANN
___ Vanilli (1980s-’90s R&B duo) MILLI

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