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The Independent Crossword Answers November 21, 2022


Welsh keep children in the cellar as arranged HARLECHCASTLE
Resentment finally fading many years after failure DUDGEON
Army caterer admitting Blumenthal’s starter is nicer SUBTLER
After initial swap, was first edition kept? OWNED
Leeches in hospital make child sore HANGERSON
Beer glass preferably filled by taps SCHOONER
Potentially shocking railway employees’ uniforms LIVERY
One might wear stuff made from latex RUBBER
Scent that completes one’s toilet? LAVENDER
Old pressman’s belly starts to grumble, needing beer supply GUTENBERG
Oddly bare plonker on which you might see a 18A BRASS
Sober user ate bananas AUSTERE
Free camping apparently a deterrent TRIDENT
Aboard naval vessel, men worried by loud noise threatening mutiny INSUBORDINATE


Horrible new order for housemaid, wiping master’s … HIDEOUS
Princess wears jewellery, husband some polo kit? RIDINGHABIT
Part of life men definitely make better EMEND
Attendants typically feared church being swamped by poultry workers? HENCHMEN
Sailor delighted to be off ABSENT
Wasted in Staines when it’s limitless cheap booze TABLEWINE
Fat bit of sole for Eliza’s fish EEL
US drugs agent getting increasingly high on New York’s crack CRANNY
Are raincoats covering bottom up deterring flasher? SPEEDCAMERA
Plants from Earth carried by old lunar modules OLEANDERS
Snickers that’s disgusting, subsequently eating it LAUGHTER
Keen to repeat the middle section when going over music REGGAE
Old dog chasing its tail gets prize at Crufts, perhaps ROSETTE
Echo producer’s touching part of speech REVERB
Accepted one pound for flipping pancakes BLINI
Go on a run heavily dressed, mostly to get fat off SKI

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