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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 01, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Aft Rear
Liquid measure Dram
Lagoon’s boundary Atoll
Comfort Ease
Decorate anew Redo
Musical show Revue
Dietary fiber Bran
Singles Ones
Salty drops Tears
Horse breed Appaloosa
Narrow channel Inlet
Floor cleaner Mop
“Murder, ____” Inc
MTV feature Video
Moving stairway Escalator
Wind dir. Ese
Tropical tree Palm
Spanish title Senora
____ Fitzgerald of jazz Ella
Andes animal Llama
File labels Tabs
Eye part Retina
Function Role
Drink daintily Sip
Deadlock Stalemate
Shabby Ratty
Ship’s record Log
Help Aid
Pierces Stabs
Left the throne Abdicated
Monte ____ Carlo
Ball holders Tees
Step Pace
Foreigner Alien
Cure Heal
Become weary Tire
Peruses Reads
Prince Charles’s sister Anne
Tenement locale Slum


Singer ____ McEntire Reba
Marshal Wyatt ____ Earp
Kin of PDQ Asap
Retitle Rename
Wilt Droop
Nevada resort Reno
Summer drinks Ades
Tiled artwork Mosaic
Newspaper story Article
Adolescent Teen
The ____ Office Oval
Bait Lure
“____ we forget” Lest
Roller coaster feature Loop
Of the smelling organ Nasal
Changes direction Veers
Small landmass Islet
Greek letter Delta
Building extension Ell
Intelligent Smart
Picnic intruder Ant
Breakfast bread Toast
Satellite’s path Orbit
Hoarse Raspy
San Antonio shrine Alamo
Be sick Ail
Homer’s bartender Moe
Willie and Ozzie Nelsons
Guitarist ____ Clapton Eric
Author ____ Christie Agatha
Modifies Adapts
Bride’s path Aisle
Injury mark Scar
Yarn Tale
Diva’s specialty Aria
Ran, as dye Bled
Existed Been
Singer ____ Martin Dean
Peacock’s pride Tail
Light tan Ecru
Regard Deem


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