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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 02, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


____ and found Lost
Croc’s kin Gator
Drain problem Clog
One who mimics Aper
Female relative Niece
Talk wildly Rave
Influence deviously Manipulate
Overt Open
Change Alter
Director ____ Brooks Mel
Contradictive contraction Isnt
Roosevelt coin Dime
Recipe measures (abbr.) Tsps
Scarlet Red
Snoozes Naps
Item of value Asset
Like some can openers Electric
Soothsayer Oracle
Fish feature Gill
Waste material Scrap
Memo Note
Affix Attach
Atom part Electron
Rent contract Lease
“The Way We ____” Were
Naval rank (abbr.) Ens
Look Seem
Cow’s offspring Calf
Commotion Stir
Inexperienced Raw
Take off Leave
Mexican treat Taco
Unsettled Unresolved
Bogus butter Oleo
Baby grand, e.g. Piano
Yearn Long
Salon treatment, for short Perm
Recorded Taped
Poker stake Ante


Dalai ____ Lama
October birthstone Opal
Transmitted Sent
Attempted Tried
Large antelope Gnu
Suffer Ail
Squad Team
Eight musicians Octet
Staggers Reels
French pastry Croissant
Drinks like a dog Laps
Baking place Oven
Lady’s escort Gent
Publish Print
Bog Marsh
Grand Epic
Golf goal Par
Like a king Regal
Upper class Elite
Letter after gamma Delta
Metal fastener Screw
Movie music Score
Musician ____ John Elton
Young people Teens
Teacher’s workplace Classroom
“Carmen,” e.g. Opera
Guinness of “Star Wars” Alec
Middling grade Cee
Viola’s kin Cello
Burst forth Erupt
Craze Mania
Gent (sl.) Fella
Street sign Stop
Narrative Tale
Froster Icer
Enclose Wrap
Stratford-upon-____ Avon
Air duct Vent
Cliff’s brink Edge
Compass dir. Ene


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