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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 03, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Stringed toy (hyph.) Yoyo
Knitter’s stitch Purl
Stationed Based
Finished Over
China’s locale Asia
Church feature Altar
Surrealist painter Salvador ____ Dali
Log float Raft
Over Above
Permissible Allowable
Nights before holidays Eves
Large spoon Ladle
Accent Stress
Boxing official Referee
Much (2 wds.) Alot
Bullring cheers Oles
Upset Agitated
Malt beverage Ale
14-line poems Sonnets
Horse food Hay
Kinship Relation
Fragrant flower Rose
Come ashore Land
Expressed scorn Sneered
Heavy linen Damask
Make points Score
Lambs’ moms Ewes
Cilantro Coriander
Winter coat Parka
Woe is me! Alas
Roman garment Toga
Church instrument Organ
Tobacco holder Pipe
Nervous Edgy
Itty-bitty Teeny
Some poems Odes
“Friends” character Ross


“Star Wars” character Yoda
Egg-shaped Oval
Shout Yell
Baltimore team Orioles
Formal procession Parade
Functional Usable
Firearm Rifle
Tardy Late
Sheep’s sound Baa
Canadian province Alberta
Range Stove
Roof edges Eaves
Lady’s garment Dress
Armed conflict War
Narrow cut Slit
Little children Tots
Zoo sound Roar
She, in Lyon Elle
Touch Feel
Ripen Age
Dancer ____ Miller Ann
Norse thunder god Thor
Leisure Ease
Stained Dyed
RR terminals Stas
Pig’s sound Oink
Head gesture Nod
Juneau native Alaskan
Come back in Reenter
Skin abrasion Scrape
Sounds Noises
Age Era
Railroad station Depot
Knowing Aware
Combine Merge
Firm Solid
Guitar device Capo
Extinct bird Dodo
Hen products Eggs
Sunbeams Rays
Some Any


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