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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 08, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Gardener’s tool Spade
“A ____ of Two Cities” Tale
Composed Calm
Starchy veggie (sl.) Tater
Not present Away
Voyaging Asea
Smell Aroma
Apologetic Repentant
Gambling city Reno
Bother Hassle
Plant holder Pot
Capital of New Jersey Trenton
Certain nobleman Earl
Elects Opts
Comfort Soothe
Hold tightly Grasp
Provo’s state Utah
Grub Chow
Highway exits Ramps
Science rm. Lab
Brownish gray Taupe
Bakery employee Icer
Festive event Gala
More aged Older
Actress ____ Richards Denise
Make ____ meet Ends
Guys’ dates Gals
Meal ender Dessert
Curvy letter Ess
Kidnapper’s request Ransom
Look closely Peer
Natural reduction in staff Attrition
Flat-bottomed boat Barge
Thailand, once Siam
Unoccupied Idle
Opera highlights Arias
Makes mistakes Errs
Destitution Need
Film spools Reels


Begin Start
Kitchen gadget Parer
Make up for Atone
Evil spirit Demon
Historic time Era
Big, hairy spider Tarantula
Impresses greatly Awes
Slip-up Lapse
Mascara target Eyelash
Feline Cat
Right away (abbr.) Asap
TV host Jay ____ Leno
Damon or Dillon Matt
Infamous emperor Nero
Bunny’s motion Hop
Surpasses Tops
In the area Local
Not fresh Stale
Thump Thud
Expectation Hope
Wide-mouthed pitcher Ewer
Crossword diagram Grid
Marathon, e.g. Race
So be it! Amen
Parsley piece Sprig
Deserted Abandoned
Throw Toss
Molded dessert Gelatin
Eastern garment Sari
Carter’s party (abbr.) Dem
Insulting Snide
Bowling term Spare
Creepy Eerie
Princely Regal
Lock of hair Tress
Relieve Ease
Mix Stir
Night twinkler Star
Shoe part Sole
Kitchen and parlor (abbr.) Rms
Salad ____ Bar


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