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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 12, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Islamic nation Iran
Furious Irate
Lambs’ mamas Ewes
Zilch None
Underage person Minor
Highway section Lane
Pine ____ Cone
Lingering flavor Aftertaste
Alias letters Aka
Makes eyes at Ogles
Water mammal Otter
Thick soup Puree
Expresses scorn Sneers
Picked Chose
Saw socially Dated
Robust Hale
Cooper and Faye Alices
Crusted dessert Pie
Waterless Arid
Wash Bathe
Mexican house Casa
Den and study (abbr.) Rms
Actor Harvey ____ Keitel
Large vases Urns
Beginning part Intro
Rasp Grate
Makes amends Atones
Sacred song Psalm
Stage Phase
Verse makers Poets
House wing Ell
Opposition Resistance
Notion Idea
Showy flower Iris
Open a bottle Uncap
Wedding band Ring
For fear that Lest
Adolescents Teens
Deeds Acts


Indian of Peru Inca
Chess piece Rook
Maryland’s capital Annapolis
Born as Nee
Picture Image
Long gun Rifle
Opening bet Ante
Little piggies Toes
Mess up Err
Thrilled Elated
Squander Waste
Join in Enter
Clairvoyants Seers
Pitches Tones
Lode load Ore
Previously owned Used
Strong metal Steel
Scorch Char
Damage Harm
Likewise Ditto
Feel bad Ache
Helps a crook Abets
Wild animal’s home Lair
Ambulance worker Paramedic
Negative contraction Isnt
Relaxation Ease
Hair coil Curl
Leg joints Knees
Demand Insist
Tank filler Gas
Spring month April
Yonder There
Desert haven Oasis
Praline nut Pecan
Stairs Steps
Window glass Pane
Previously Once
Pre-Easter period Lent
Hangs back Lags
Mummy name Tut
Pension plan (abbr.) Ira


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