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Code Letter Crossword Answers November 10, 2022

Crossword: by Fred Piscop


Karl Marx’s “__ Kapital” DAS
Costco rival SAMS
Hangs in there LASTS
Cleveland’s waters ERIE
Award for commercial writers CLIO
Insistent rebuttal ISTOO
Surrounders of nuclei CELLWALLS
Nordic toast SKOAL
“Another, please” ONEMORE
Common Suez Canal vessel OILER
Bolted RAN
Gig segments MEGS
Lawn stork renter, often NEWMOM
Shot in the dark STAB
Latter-day “Great!” EPIC
Weather forecast symbol SUN
Humanities degs. BAS
Roth plan, e.g. IRA
Soup served with sushi MISO
Unprized possession WHITEELEPHANT
Exchange pleasantries CHAT
Rapper name diminutive LIL
Coral habitat SEA
Luau fare POI
Bank acct. insurer FDIC
Rock concert gear AMPS
Bit of antipasto SALAMI
T-giving day THUR
Brit. lexicon OED
Neighbor of Taurus ARIES
__ and Barbuda (Caribbean UN member) ANTIGUA
Intel-gathering mission RECON
Halloween handout CANDYCORN
Savory flavor UMAMI
Expanse AREA
Source of a river HEAD
Dixieland band members TUBAS
Trust, with “on” RELY
Muddy place STY


Appointment scheme DECOR
Where rinks reside ARENAS
Clamming up SILENT
Narrow escape SCARE
Declare in a courtroom ALLEGE
“Cool” amount of cash MIL
Just okay SOSO
Sock material LISLE
Out of kilter ASKEW
Enters angrily STORMSIN
One-customer connection TOA
Name for 33 Across SOL
Dartboard wood ELM
Burrowing marsupial WOMBAT
How texters “shout” INCAPS
“Start talking!” SPILLIT
Overthrow OUST
Alphabetic trio MNO
Hardly much ABIT
Steamed state IRE
Arm’s-length creation SELFIE
Courteous contraction MAAM
“Stop right there!” WHOA
Cry “Taxi!” HAILACAB
Islamic festival EID
Exuberant HEARTY
Early printer-speed measure: Abbr. CPS
Name on No. 5 CHANEL
Dances by hopping up and down POGOES
Pioneer of Neo-Impressionism SEURAT
Allure in the air AROMA
10-answer crosswords MINIS
Oct. 24 observance UNDAY
Retro “Awesome!” DANDY
Lingering mark SCAR
Einstein’s “I” ICH
Monotonous pattern RUT
Ostrich cousin EMU
Don’t just seem ARE


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