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The Sun Crossword Answers November 10, 2022


Pork slices in Cordoba condemned BACON
Get back and get better RECOVER
Harangues one involved in deals TIRADES
Henry leaving posh school gives pointer ARROW
Pack horse seen around States HAVERSACK
Prophet seen in Chapelizod ELI
Sausage crate BANGER
People mind when kids dropped here CRECHE
Tear Shapiro holds back RIP
Yes-man always so pleasant AGREEABLE
Cover story? ALIBI
Bizarre scenes initially exorcising spirit ESSENCE
Corrupt eastern firm EARNEST
Song new to charts right to go in ENTRY
Breakfast rashers BACON
Heal or rally RECOVER
Feathered missile ARROW
Shoulder bag HAVERSACK
Talmud priest ELI
Old car BANGER
Toddler nursery CRECHE
Shred RIP
Satisfactory AGREEABLE
Legal defence ALIBI
Admission ENTRY


Cricketer seen with church group BATCH
Two vehicles flanking a travelling group CARAVAN
Drain exploded: low point found NADIR
Scoundrel put in Tower as callous RASCAL
Firework expert extremely eager CRACKER
River Severn’s poetry VERSE
Untreated leather artist we hid inside RAWHIDE
Pub tantrum brings artillery onslaught BARRAGE
Scrutinise test in English EXAMINE
Case for TV taxi in film CABINET
Apprehend a wrongdoer at last, then relax ARREST
Monastery not completed earlier PRIOR
Follow guarantee ignoring Republican ENSUE
Hostile force in Yemen beaten ENEMY
Consignment BATCH
Camel train CARAVAN
Absolute depths NADIR
Villain RASCAL
Dry biscuit CRACKER
Stanza VERSE
Untanned pelt RAWHIDE
Bombardment BARRAGE
Look at closely EXAMINE
Furniture item CABINET
Foregoing PRIOR
Occur as result ENSUE
Adversary ENEMY


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