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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 14, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Iridescent gem Opal
Chows down Eats
Range Scope
Sit for an artist Pose
Additional More
Respect Honor
Financial officer Treasurer
Go in Enter
Gaze steadily Stare
Young adult Teen
Folding beds Cots
Wine valley Napa
Naught None
Actress ____ Anderson Pamela
Storyteller Narrator
Served perfectly Aced
____ in full Paid
Suspect’s story Alibi
Indicate agreement Nod
Frank and Rice Annes
MGM lion Leo
Not as wet Drier
Try out Test
Sparrow’s abode Nest
Careful study Analysis
Dwellings Abodes
Bottomless Deep
Jogging gait Trot
Glen Dale
Launder Wash
Fertile spots Oases
Inactive Inert
River transport of yore Steamboat
Like old bread Stale
Gull’s kin Tern
Volcanic rock Lava
African country Kenya
Had bills Owed
Squeaks by Ekes


Picks Opts
Harbor Port
Between ports Asea
Figured out Learned
Ostrich’s kin Emu
Main artery Aorta
Family chart Tree
Love songs Serenades
That girl She
Hide Conceal
Aware of Onto
Verse maker Poet
Slips up Errs
Official stamp Seal
Likewise not Nor
Mama’s spouse Papa
Gun owners’ org. Nra
Chinese mammal Panda
Squirrel’s treat Acorn
Radio and newspapers, e.g. Media
Baseball teams Nines
Laid bathroom flooring Tiled
Fat Obese
Melees Riots
Italian appetizer course Antipasto
Big Dipper component Star
Not youthful Elderly
Bread choice Rye
Remarkable Notable
Baste Sew
Cannon sound Boom
Not here There
Floppy ____ Disk
Starting bet Ante
Tilt Lean
Brood Stew
Saturate Soak
Roof part Eave
Amtrak terminals (abbr.) Stas
Hot drink Tea
Common conjunction And


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