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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 20, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Break sharply Snap
Gorge Chasm
Prison room Cell
Pulled apart Tore
Professional speedster Racer
Lily species Aloe
Adrift Asea
Zodiac sign Aries
Apollo agcy. Nasa
Used logic Reasoned
Sees socially Dates
Pres. Lincoln Abe
Most thinly distributed Sparsest
____ acid Amino
Border Abut
Mob scene participant Rioter
Fragrant Aromatic
Hostel Inn
French farewell Adieu
Debt memo Iou
Calamity Disaster
Occupied (2 wds.) Tiedup
Principal Main
Woman’s garment Dress
Florida city Sarasota
Neither’s partner Nor
Off kilter Amiss
Island off India (2 wds.) Srilanka
Trims (off) Lops
Foreign Alien
Christmas carol Noel
Wood source Tree
Huge person Giant
Rather and Quayle Dans
Forward Send
First extra inning Tenth
Get lost! Shoo


“A ____ Is Born” Star
Smelling organ Nose
Site Area
Poor farmer Peasant
Hoisting machine Crane
Hound’s prey Hare
Etching fluids Acids
Visit See
Mr.’s mate Mrs
Rummy variety Canasta
Overjoy Elate
Misplaces Loses
Minimum Least
Woodwind Oboe
Snare ____ Drum
Whittle down Pare
Around About
Moistureless Arid
Short skirt Mini
Charged particles Ions
Proportion Ratio
Atmosphere Air
Ocean movement Tide
Gambler’s notes Ious
Drinking vessels Cups
Fender blemish Dent
Gathered Amassed
Brashness Sass
Revered person Idol
Trips to the post office, e.g. Errands
Epsom ____ Salts
Love, Italian-style Amore
Mature Ripen
Chinese, e.g. Asian
Final inning, usually Ninth
Landlord’s income Rent
Ark patriarch Noah
Casino game Keno
As well Also
FBI employee (abbr.) Agt
Untruth Lie

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