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Code Letter Crossword Answers November 18, 2022

Crossword: by S.N.


Task detailSPEC
Not workingOFF
Yoga postureASANA
Red MuppetELMO
Speak __ (disparage)ILLOF
With 20 Across, waste creative effortREINVENT
Place to perchROOST
Rockies resortBANFF
See 16 AcrossTHEWHEEL
It means “same”ISO
Particular class of peopleWORLD
Light Brigade weaponSABRE
Sleek, in car-speakAERO
Salad bar arrayBEETS
“Don’t __ word!”SAYA
Blender settingWHIP
Suffix in geometryGON
With 41 Across, be a snowbird, sayFOLLOW
See 38 AcrossTHESUN
Serpent’s tailINE
Leaf holderPAD
Interoffice directiveASAP
Not as intenseLESS
Compound Nobel worked withNITRO
Big name in blushESTEE
City near FlorenceSIENA
Prominent periodERA
With 65 Across, return to the way it wasTURNBACK
Splendidly statelyREGAL
Swamp thingGATOR
See 60 AcrossTHECLOCK
Old enough to know betterADULT
DC-based allianceOAS
Something specialLULU
Model, to begin withKIT
Make a moveSTEP


A Danube nationSERBIA
One-sharp keyEMINOR
Office phone buttonCONF
Lyrical creationODE
A good timeFUN
“Fine” conditionFETTLE
Frigid finishAIRE
Luau exchangesALOHAS
Equine accessoriesNOSEBAGS
Phrase of courtesyAFTERYOU
Post for former soldiersVFW
What might hang in a denHDTV
Country singer RimesLEANN
Mentor to LukeOBIWAN
Street credREP
Nocturnal hunterOWL
Keeps under wrapsSITSON
Move like a crowHOP
Sleuth’s outburstAHA
Sole portionFILET
Lump for your teaONESUGAR
Conan Doyle detectiveLESTRADE
UV Index publisherEPA
Data holderDISC
Amount toARE
Video-viewing venueTIKTOK
Do very littleVEGOUT
Large competitor of MicrosoftORACLE
Take the stairs to the atticWALKUP
Congo River tributaryEBOLA
Plot progressionARC
Overly stylizedARTY
Honshu affirmativeHAI
It means “most”EST

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