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The Sun Crossword Answers November 18, 2022


Negligible note with a line MINIMAL
Confederacy or those who opposed it? UNION
Staggers in fast dances REELS
Uncomfortable week in a hospital room AWKWARD
Maybe club directors’ material CARDBOARD
Female’s money mentioned DOE
Zilch found in Kenilworth NIL
Transport wrecked in N Pole area AEROPLANE
Honourable post UPRIGHT
Ship to absorb large swell BLOAT
Make merry back in bar LEVER
Just leaving worker lacking courtesy OFFHAND
Barely adequate MINIMAL
Marriage UNION
Film spools REELS
Very thick paper CARDBOARD
Hind DOE
Zero NIL
Vertical UPRIGHT
Distend BLOAT
Mechanical device LEVER
Ungraciously curt OFFHAND


US camera in for repair AMERICAN
Possibly relating to the whole? INTEGRAL
Some bemused birds EMUS
Mountain animal covering Andes, primarily ALPACA
Duly pick at random here? LUCKYDIP
Distinguished singer keen to come up DIVA
Woman in hidden identity ENID
Trumpet soloist? BRAGGART
Slash, old, again playing DIAGONAL
Later period matching trend EVENTIDE
No start to formal speech: it’s helping RATION
Mad guy grabs student: not a pretty sight UGLY
Wild party in Madeira venue RAVE
Expert in Polish BUFF
From United States AMERICAN
Flightless avians EMUS
Andean beast ALPACA
Bran tub, e.g. LUCKYDIP
Prima donna DIVA
Writer Blyton ENID
Vain boaster BRAGGART
Twilight time EVENTIDE
Fixed allowance RATION
Unattractive UGLY
Talk deliriously RAVE
Enthusiast BUFF

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