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Star Tribune Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

Star Tribune Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Gardener’s tool 5 letters SPADE
A ____ of Two Cities 4 letters TALE
Composed 4 letters CALM
Starchy veggie (sl.) 5 letters TATER
Not present 4 letters AWAY
Voyaging 4 letters ASEA
Smell 5 letters AROMA
Apologetic 9 letters REPENTANT
Gambling city 4 letters RENO
Bother 6 letters HASSLE
Plant holder 3 letters POT
Capital of New Jersey 7 letters TRENTON
Certain nobleman 4 letters EARL
Elects 4 letters OPTS
Comfort 6 letters SOOTHE
Hold tightly 5 letters GRASP
Provo’s state 4 letters UTAH
Grub 4 letters CHOW
Highway exits 5 letters RAMPS
Science rm. 3 letters LAB
Brownish gray 5 letters TAUPE
Bakery employee 4 letters ICER
Festive event 4 letters GALA
More aged 5 letters OLDER
Actress ____ Richards 6 letters DENISE
Make ____ meet 4 letters ENDS
Guys’ dates 4 letters GALS
Meal ender 7 letters DESSERT
Curvy letter 3 letters ESS
Kidnapper’s request 6 letters RANSOM
Look closely 4 letters PEER
Natural reduction in staff 9 letters ATTRITION
Flat-bottomed boat 5 letters BARGE
Thailand once 4 letters SIAM
Unoccupied 4 letters IDLE
Opera highlights 5 letters ARIAS
Makes mistakes 4 letters ERRS
Destitution 4 letters NEED
Film spools 5 letters REELS
Begin 5 letters START
Kitchen gadget 5 letters PARER
Make up for 5 letters ATONE
Evil spirit 5 letters DEMON
Historic time 3 letters ERA
Big hairy spider 9 letters TARANTULA
Impresses greatly 4 letters AWES
Slip-up 5 letters LAPSE
Mascara target 7 letters EYELASH
Feline 3 letters CAT
Right away (abbr.) 4 letters ASAP
TV host Jay ____ 4 letters LENO
Damon or Dillon 4 letters MATT
Infamous emperor 4 letters NERO
Bunny’s motion 3 letters HOP
Surpasses 4 letters TOPS
In the area 5 letters LOCAL
Not fresh 5 letters STALE
Thump 4 letters THUD
Expectation 4 letters HOPE
Wide-mouthed pitcher 4 letters EWER
Crossword diagram 4 letters GRID
Marathon e.g. 4 letters RACE
So be it! 4 letters AMEN
Parsley piece 5 letters SPRIG
Deserted 9 letters ABANDONED
Throw 4 letters TOSS
Molded dessert 7 letters GELATIN
Eastern garment 4 letters SARI
Carter’s party (abbr.) 3 letters DEM
Insulting 5 letters SNIDE
Bowling term 5 letters SPARE
Creepy 5 letters EERIE
Princely 5 letters REGAL
Lock of hair 5 letters TRESS
Relieve 4 letters EASE
Mix 4 letters STIR
Night twinkler 4 letters STAR
Shoe part 4 letters SOLE
Kitchen and parlor (abbr.) 3 letters RMS
Salad ____ 3 letters BAR


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