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Universal Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

They have 36 black keys 6 letters PIANOS
Pepper’s partner 4 letters SALT
The Amazing Race network 3 letters CBS
Lead by the arm say 6 letters ESCORT
___ vera juice 4 letters ALOE
Chop (off) 3 letters LOP
Kind of sauce with a repetitive name 6 letters TARTAR
Yaks 4 letters GABS
Water quality org. 3 letters EPA
Mister Rogers’ cozy garment 7 letters SWEATER
Bottom-line profit 7 letters NETGAIN
Drying cloth 5 letters TOWEL
Word before coat or car 6 letters SPORTS
Childbirth process 5 letters LABOR
Prefix for favor 3 letters DIS
Cereal box stat 3 letters RDA
Friend in battle 4 letters ALLY
Decision 6 letters CHOICE
Doe or sow 3 letters SHE
Dec. 2020 debut for Airbnb 3 letters IPO
Honest course or a hint to reading as well as interpreting each starred clue’s answer 7 letters UPANDUP
Game dev’s alteration or ’60s slang for chic 3 letters MOD
___ Jones 3 letters DOW
Muscle attached to the humerus informally 6 letters TRICEP
Cougar 4 letters PUMA
Cage fighting inits. 3 letters MMA
___ the day 3 letters RUE
Cable or DSL device 5 letters MODEM
Show to the door 6 letters SEEOUT
Association rule 5 letters BYLAW
Ticked away 7 letters ELAPSED
Have humble pie 7 letters EATCROW
What a coxswain doesn’t do 3 letters ROW
Sine’s math class 4 letters TRIG
Emotional shock 6 letters TRAUMA
Hoppy drink: Abbr. 3 letters IPA
Dot in the ocean 4 letters ISLE
Lumberjack’s warning 6 letters TIMBER
Bossypants author Tina 3 letters FEY
Name within Prunella 4 letters NELL
Use as energy 6 letters EXPEND
*Meet a challenge 4 letters PETS
No need to describe that 4 letters ISAW
Land measure 4 letters ACRE
Plastic bag warning 7 letters NOTATOY
Big talker? 6 letters ORATOR
Scatter around 5 letters STREW
*Fill the tank 3 letters SAG
Moonwalker Shepard 4 letters ALAN
Piercings’ places 5 letters LOBES
Use for flash cards study guides etc. 8 letters TESTPREP
Simile for opaqueness 10 letters CLEARASMUD
Hasbro toy you can hit 5 letters BOPIT
*Grabs immediately 5 letters SPANS
Colorful trait for roughly 10% of Ireland’s population 7 letters REDHAIR
Zeus or Thor 3 letters GOD
Source of pride for the pride? 7 letters LIONCUB
*Like an outdated internet connection 4 letters LAID
Dog treat brand 4 letters ALPO
I’m waiting to be impressed! 10 letters BLOWMEAWAY
Judgmental glance 7 letters SIDEEYE
EMT’s specialty 3 letters CPR
Trophy shape 3 letters CUP
Plate that’s hard to steal 4 letters HOME
*Imaginary 4 letters EDAM
Longhorns’ Lone Star State sch. 8 letters UTAUSTIN
Louie is freed from one in Unbroken 7 letters POWCAMP
Perform a floor routine? 3 letters MOP
Array of numbers 6 letters MATRIX
*Makes energized 5 letters SERIF
Run off to wed 5 letters ELOPE
To the point 5 letters TERSE
Foamy coffee order 5 letters LATTE
Pickle variety 4 letters DILL
___ Goldberg machine 4 letters RUBE
It’s a sign! 4 letters OMEN
*Draft as a contract 4 letters WARD
*Slight advantage 3 letters GEL


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