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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

A place in Surrey; for example Ham 5 letters EGHAM
During the day the Spanish have an inactive period 5 letters DELAY
Clearly not a singlet 7 letters DOUBLET
Hit-man’s name for the letter B! 5 letters BRAVO
Gosh a bit of fun on a Greek island! 5 letters CORFU
To start with Benjamin embraces Joe 5 letters BEGIN
A room to want to know about? 7 letters KITCHEN
Is he on the short side? 3 letters SID
In a race perhaps not the whole field 4 letters ACRE
Focal point of recent disturbance 6 letters CENTRE
It’s in circulation and can be said to be read 5 letters BLOOD
Once fashionable line of a politician in the Irish Republic 6 letters EMPIRE
Continental girl not a singularly loud one! 4 letters FIFI
Our French numbers! 3 letters NOS
Generous Dominican hardly to be found in prison 7 letters FREEDOM
One made to show originality? 5 letters START
Western isles? Maybe but they’re in the S. Pacific! 5 letters SAMOA
A letter perused in fear 5 letters DREAD
National location that isn’t a Greek centre 7 letters AINTREE
Pasternak’s hard heart! 5 letters STERN
Something hard to steal it’s said 5 letters STEEL
Does it taste of cloves? 6 letters GARLIC
Wise words on the sins of modern times 6 letters ADVICE
A low cry 3 letters MOO
Ben is possibly a writer 5 letters IBSEN
Certain policemen indeed are emphatic! 7 letters DECIDED
An English school of note 4 letters ETON
A very loud tune associated with love 6 letters AFFAIR
Beautiful kind of tent at the centre of a field 5 letters BELLE
Singing Carpenter 5 letters KAREN
Catches a sprat? 5 letters TRAPS
Stayed pronouncedly sober 5 letters STAID
The stuff ingeniously mined 5 letters DENIM
In brief nothing but the royal train 5 letters COURT
Country has it in intellect 7 letters BRITAIN
Amadeus who shouldn’t be called a pack of wolves! 6 letters MOZART
You could seek one out as a pet 6 letters FERRET
Seek food (because of the sausage being finished?) 6 letters FORAGE
Something heady that can be put forth 5 letters FROTH
So I’m not in the air just to fly high! 4 letters SOAR
Fellow from the capital of Iowa 3 letters DES


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