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The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

Swamp 5 letters MARSH
Animal 5 letters BEAST
Very ugly 7 letters HIDEOUS
Begin 5 letters START
Taper 5 letters SPILL
Small and neat 5 letters DINKY
Inferred 7 letters DEDUCED
Lettuce 3 letters COS
Among 4 letters AMID
School absentee 6 letters TRUANT
French capital 5 letters PARIS
Dull 6 letters DREARY
Mexican monetary unit 4 letters PESO
Affirmative reply 3 letters YES
A few 7 letters SEVERAL
Clyde say 5 letters RIVER
Noblemen 5 letters DUKES
Poets 5 letters BARDS
Necessary 7 letters NEEDFUL
Repairs 5 letters MENDS
Drying cloth 5 letters TOWEL
National song 6 letters ANTHEM
Cover 6 letters SHROUD
Strike 3 letters HIT
Lukewarm 5 letters TEPID
Street musicians 7 letters BUSKERS
Catch sight of 4 letters ESPY
Fish 6 letters SALMON
Rot 5 letters DECAY
Beau 5 letters DANDY
Plunges 5 letters DIVES
Provide food 5 letters CATER
Backless seat 5 letters STOOL
Big cat 5 letters TIGER
Commends 7 letters PRAISES
Reprimand 6 letters REBUKE
Pleasure craft 6 letters PEDALO
Rider’s seat 6 letters SADDLE
Shabby 5 letters SEEDY
Tear 4 letters REND
However 3 letters BUT


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