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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

To give a fathead credit is stupid 5 letters CRASS
A place in the sun for insular Italians? 5 letters CAPRI
Pearl’s mum 5 letters NACRE
Dried leaves it’s possible to eat 3 letters TEA
If you’ve done this there’s something you just won’t get 5 letters HADIT
One absent from work maybe playing cricket 7 letters STRIKER
Are there six for each snake? 5 letters VIPER
As used by the navy and the horse artillery 3 letters SEA
Nat has to look around for the body 6 letters SENATE
A climbing aid naturally 7 letters TENDRIL
Praise a chap for getting out of uniform 4 letters LAUD
What’s in store at the chemist’s? 4 letters DRUG
Something tasteful to say about love possibly 7 letters SAVELOY
Said to be the part of the wheel at the back of a wagon 6 letters SPOKEN
A peculiar code of rugby to many 3 letters RUM
Fed up and angry upon getting it wrong 5 letters TIRED
It has a key in the middle of the face this kind of clock 7 letters DIGITAL
Name playfully given to Uncle Ivan 5 letters VANYA
Catch in possession of cannabis 3 letters NAB
Such a cake is known to be nutty 5 letters FRUIT
Book revealing bitterness about a bighead 5 letters BIBLE
To be born only to start dying is poor 5 letters NEEDY
Bad-tempered note about not drinking 5 letters RATTY
Aspired somehow to be spoken well of 7 letters PRAISED
Raise the back 4 letters REAR
Complain tearfully that most of the javelins are broken 6 letters SNIVEL
Material apt to stain badly? 5 letters SATIN
Hail with tears in one’s eyes? 5 letters GREET
By leaving a person with no heir? 3 letters PER
Chief not above giving me a hand 7 letters HEADMAN
That soapy character Barlow? 3 letters KEN
In self-defence pay out with a growl 5 letters PARRY
As a rule it heartens the foreigner 5 letters REIGN
Maybe one in Serbia is a very large area 7 letters SIBERIA
A blockhead to the very end dammit! 5 letters BLAST
One helping your studies of wild trout 5 letters TUTOR
Name of the little car taking the doctor round 7 letters DOMINIC
Teased foolishly for being placid 6 letters SEDATE
Pull by the ear? 3 letters LUG
Structures in the form of a spire! 5 letters PIERS
He’s about six you know! 5 letters KEVIN
Submit a story about Birkenhead 5 letters TABLE
The outskirts of Dyfed are hardly colourless 4 letters DYED
A table label? 3 letters TAB

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