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The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Notions 5 letters IDEAS
Wallow 5 letters REVEL
Hut 5 letters CABIN
Metallic 3 letters TIN
Conspiracy 5 letters CABAL
Desert 7 letters ABANDON
Brief film appearance 5 letters CAMEO
Wheat spike 3 letters EAR
Jockeys 6 letters RIDERS
Country 7 letters ALBANIA
Insects 4 letters ANTS
Girl’s name 4 letters ANNE
Shows off 7 letters FLAUNTS
Organ of taste 6 letters TONGUE
Illuminated 3 letters LIT
Turn aside 5 letters AVERT
Put down 7 letters REPRESS
Inspection of accounts 5 letters AUDIT
Curve 3 letters ARC
Natural ability 5 letters FLAIR
Sea 5 letters OCEAN
Not ever 5 letters NEVER
Pass 5 letters GETBY
Boarding place for dogs 7 letters KENNELS
Faculty head 4 letters DEAN
Shrub 6 letters ACACIA
Cold dish 5 letters SALAD
Collier 5 letters MINER
By way of 3 letters VIA
Small boat 7 letters CORACLE
Flatfish 3 letters DAB
Intends 5 letters MEANS
Willow 5 letters OSIER
Small stream 7 letters RIVULET
Spaghetti 5 letters PASTA
Make amends 5 letters ATONE
Draw towards 7 letters ATTRACT
Time yet to come 6 letters FUTURE
Pinch 3 letters NIP
Unfertilised seed 5 letters OVULE
Particle of sand 5 letters GRAIN
Academy Award 5 letters OSCAR
Ready to eat 4 letters RIPE
Before 3 letters ERE

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