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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Welsh keep children in the cellar as arranged 13 letters HARLECHCASTLE
Resentment finally fading many years after failure 7 letters DUDGEON
Army caterer admitting Blumenthal’s starter is nicer 7 letters SUBTLER
After initial swap was first edition kept? 5 letters OWNED
Leeches in hospital make child sore 9 letters HANGERSON
Beer glass preferably filled by taps 8 letters SCHOONER
Potentially shocking railway employees’ uniforms 6 letters LIVERY
One might wear stuff made from latex 6 letters RUBBER
Scent that completes one’s toilet? 8 letters LAVENDER
Old pressman’s belly starts to grumble needing beer supply 9 letters GUTENBERG
Oddly bare plonker on which you might see a 18A 5 letters BRASS
Sober user ate bananas 7 letters AUSTERE
Free camping apparently a deterrent 7 letters TRIDENT
Aboard naval vessel men worried by loud noise threatening mutiny 13 letters INSUBORDINATE
Horrible new order for housemaid wiping master’s … 7 letters HIDEOUS
Princess wears jewellery husband some polo kit? 11 letters RIDINGHABIT
Part of life men definitely make better 5 letters EMEND
Attendants typically feared church being swamped by poultry workers? 8 letters HENCHMEN
Sailor delighted to be off 6 letters ABSENT
Wasted in Staines when it’s limitless cheap booze 9 letters TABLEWINE
Fat bit of sole for Eliza’s fish 3 letters EEL
US drugs agent getting increasingly high on New York’s crack 6 letters CRANNY
Are raincoats covering bottom up deterring flasher? 11 letters SPEEDCAMERA
Plants from Earth carried by old lunar modules 9 letters OLEANDERS
Snickers that’s disgusting subsequently eating it 8 letters LAUGHTER
Keen to repeat the middle section when going over music 6 letters REGGAE
Old dog chasing its tail gets prize at Crufts perhaps 7 letters ROSETTE
Echo producer’s touching part of speech 6 letters REVERB
Accepted one pound for flipping pancakes 5 letters BLINI
Go on a run heavily dressed mostly to get fat off 3 letters SKI

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