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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Districts in which there’s a reason not to get ahead? 5 letters AREAS
A charmer – let’s face it 5 letters MUSIC
They’re like ostriches but get a different share 5 letters RHEAS
Container smaller than a cabinet 3 letters BIN
Food that brings the mice round for a bit of a snack 5 letters MINCE
When approached Edward conceals a terrible lack 7 letters TACKLED
Being hurried is obliged to finish duty 5 letters HASTY
Obtain a portion of sausage toad 3 letters GET
She was a big thing in World War I 6 letters BERTHA
Good boy but needs to be corrected 7 letters RIGHTED
Still less than seventeen 4 letters EVEN
Good man shattered in a grenade explosion 4 letters DEAN
No ordinary seaman 7 letters ADMIRAL
Lists of numbers in a popular sense 6 letters CHARTS
Faintly visible numerals 3 letters DIM
Go away and make a success out of a musical production 5 letters HOPIT
Leaves the half dead bits 7 letters DEPARTS
Saintly Victor gets a new suit 5 letters VITUS
Remarkably it can be either the front or back of the horse 3 letters GEE
In overseas territories it’s a bloomer 5 letters ASTER
Again earned income will do away with debt 5 letters REPAY
Allude to the right to free movement 5 letters REFER
Where abroad to confer knighthood upon the excellent 5 letters DUBAI
Fluid used to correct bad pinking? 7 letters PINKGIN
For this operation I had to join the artillery 4 letters RAID
Bent on playing the old soldier? 6 letters ARCHED
Cut share maybe 5 letters SHEAR
Religion is a virtue 5 letters FAITH
Surprisingly accurately quoted! 3 letters SIC
Ways of upsetting the mods 7 letters METHODS
The member before? 3 letters LEG
A lord a saint and a well-known swimmer 5 letters STEEL
Sailors’ stories say about the navy? 5 letters YARNS
Anyway Sid’s in the Brentford team 7 letters BESIDES
Educationally bring everyone to the right conclusion 5 letters TEACH
Summarise about a hundred we gather 5 letters RECAP
Does no good when the old grey mare looks older still 7 letters DAMAGES
As worn by a teetotaller with passion? 6 letters ATTIRE
A bit of peripheral damage 3 letters RIP
It evidently has hot and cold running water 5 letters HOUSE
Sort of bed you’ll get in the Thames valley 5 letters RIVER
Meaty edition of Keats 5 letters STEAK
Guy giving a failure fresh heart 4 letters DUDE
The stuff of pure pleasure 3 letters REP


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