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The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Light wood 5 letters BALSA
Shish or doner? 5 letters KEBAB
Furious 5 letters IRATE
Incision 3 letters CUT
Jig 5 letters DANCE
Small tree 7 letters JUNIPER
Senseless 5 letters INANE
Hiatus 3 letters GAP
Explosions 6 letters BLASTS
Escape 7 letters RUNAWAY
Fever 4 letters AGUE
Prima donna 4 letters DIVA
Race official 7 letters STARTER
Wolf-like animals 6 letters HYENAS
Boy’s name 3 letters IAN
Artist’s stand 5 letters EASEL
Ridicules 7 letters DERIDES
Suitor 5 letters WOOER
Fastening device 3 letters ZIP
Snapshot 5 letters PHOTO
Male voice 5 letters TENOR
Sleep noisily 5 letters SNORE
Happen again 5 letters RECUR
Weariness 7 letters FATIGUE
Slightly open 4 letters AJAR
Mediterranean island 6 letters SICILY
Stadium 5 letters ARENA
Feat of daring 5 letters STUNT
Sweet roll 3 letters BUN
Leaves 7 letters DEPARTS
Cooking vessel 3 letters PAN
In motion 5 letters ASTIR
Prose composition 5 letters ESSAY
Obstruction 7 letters BARRIER
Turning tool 5 letters LATHE
Governs 5 letters RULES
Inhabitant 7 letters DENIZEN
Lounge 6 letters SALOON
Pitch 3 letters TAR
Sailing vessel 5 letters YACHT
Amphibians 5 letters NEWTS
Warehouse 5 letters DEPOT
Beloved 4 letters DEAR
Racket 3 letters DIN


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