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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Welsh team lacking heart perhaps but exciting 4 letters GLAM
Sway from side to side and power into Olympic kayak finals 4 letters ROCK
Knife wound’s opening that is located after unpleasant smell 5 letters BOWIE
Scope trained at this place where life can be observed 9 letters ECOSPHERE
Current went through transformer coil 5 letters TWINE
Polish cop arrests free running enthusiast finally 7 letters PERFECT
Featured artist making a great sound going around Greece occasionally 7 letters LOUREED
Waste product found in your earwax 4 letters UREA
Slap pretend character 6 letters MAKEUP
One who succeeds on radio broadcast 3 letters AIR
Period of global revolution? 3 letters DAY
Isn’t it contracted commonly to embrace universal language? 6 letters INNUIT
Check baseball team over 4 letters STEM
Student tucking into good French wine knocked back more white 7 letters BLONDER
You landed here in Orly? Wicked 7 letters VICIOUS
Cotton fabric in sexy detective’s clothing 5 letters DHOTI
As well I did know the anarchic live dangerously 11 letters WALKONTHE W
Healthy menu features fragrant ingredient 5 letters THYME
Dinosaur drops by for 1000m walk 4 letters TREK
Spending power of senior American coach heartlessly penny-pinching 9 letters GREYPOUND
Love a second? You heard right! 5 letters AMOUR
Practise too much in open water 9 letters OVERTRAIN
Royal mistress supporting King produces ring 5 letters KNELL
Back hunch over shilling and old pounds 8 letters BETHUMPS
Object after internet article about battered fish 9 letters WHITEBAIT
Make alterations to tremendous trousers 5 letters EMEND
That was close relative losing nerve on vacation 4 letters PHEW
Study is gloomy and yet exotic 9 letters ETYMOLOGY
Accountant’s price on the door perhaps? 9 letters EXITVALUE
With no hesitation supermarket reordered tasty cut 9 letters RUMPSTEAK
I’m surprised the Church raised a sound response 4 letters ECHO
President detailed Tesla’s rear-end washer 5 letters BIDET
Argue over a national fruit 5 letters ROWAN
Fur could make cockney less cold 5 letters OTTER


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