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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 9 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 9 2022 Answers:

Coffee or endless tea for the medical officer 5 letters MOCHA
Fat-headed rugby player in a group 5 letters FLOCK
Exotic islands where you can get a first-class return by canoe? 7 letters OCEANIA
Harriet’s school? 5 letters STOWE
Noisy crowd support for the Lions? 5 letters ROARS
Provides Joe with a share in investment 5 letters GIVES
Fabulous place where Melvin appeared in a new coat 7 letters CAMELOT
A party at the hotel note 3 letters DOH
It should hold water 4 letters EWER
Have another look at what a cleric is noted for 6 letters REVISE
Pass Asian currency to the senior person 5 letters DOYEN
Isle that includes central Kent oddly enough 6 letters THANET
Garment from the glove stall? 4 letters VEST
She isn’t finished with a sailor! 3 letters SAL
Michael isn’t exactly far away 7 letters FARADAY
An outright kill to sustain a hungry whale 5 letters KRILL
Listen to this! 5 letters RADIO
A sign of diminution 5 letters MINUS
Matches for the unattached? 7 letters SINGLES
It was possibly belted 5 letters WAIST
Consider an unconvincing ending for a book 5 letters THINK
Bad character not at home as a rule 6 letters OUTLAW
One crying out for correction? 6 letters HOWLER
There’s only one winner 3 letters ACE
Regular attire? 5 letters HABIT
Discharge fellows in the NFS 7 letters FIREMEN
Also strange country 4 letters LAOS
Spanish composer of carols 6 letters CARLOS
Character awaited dramatically 5 letters GODOT
They’re sure to contribute to the concert season 5 letters CERTS
A gong that may merely clink 5 letters MEDAL
Took the plunge 5 letters DIVED
She makes a teetotaller cry out! 5 letters HETTY
To go without nothing in fact is fine! 5 letters REGAL
Rioted madly at the east end of Motown 7 letters DETROIT
Smoky city 6 letters HAVANA
What cream may do in the process of shaving? 6 letters VANISH
It’s well known in astronomical circles 6 letters SATURN
Weakens standards? 5 letters FLAGS
Sign of love from Henry the peacemaker 4 letters KISS
Joined the police 3 letters MET


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