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The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 9 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 9 2022 Answers:

Muscular contraction 5 letters SPASM
Wed 5 letters MARRY
Discreet 7 letters TACTFUL
Seize wrongfully 5 letters USURP
Phase 5 letters STAGE
Lizard 5 letters GECKO
Strengthen 7 letters BOLSTER
Fuel 3 letters GAS
Unfortunately 4 letters ALAS
Classical dance 6 letters BALLET
Bathroom fitting 5 letters BIDET
Group of geese 6 letters GAGGLE
Ticket money 4 letters FARE
Night before 3 letters EVE
Performed with the fingers 7 letters DIGITAL
Ancient language 5 letters LATIN
Enter data 5 letters INPUT
Person 5 letters HUMAN
Polite 7 letters GENTEEL
Underground drain 5 letters SEWER
Bird 5 letters RAVEN
Handgun 6 letters PISTOL
Tension 6 letters STRESS
Orienteering aid 3 letters MAP
Guide 5 letters STEER
Amphibious rodent 7 letters MUSKRAT
Singing voice 4 letters ALTO
Music type 6 letters REGGAE
Magic servant 5 letters GENIE
Canal boat 5 letters BARGE
Big 5 letters LARGE
Behave smugly 5 letters GLOAT
Iron alloy 5 letters STEEL
Start 5 letters BEGIN
Smoked herring 7 letters BLOATER
Broad street 6 letters AVENUE
Leg bone 6 letters FIBULA
Plunder 6 letters RAVAGE
The same 5 letters DITTO
Racing toboggan 4 letters LUGE
That woman 3 letters HER


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